Spring at West Elm

This past Thursday I took a personal group tour of the NEW West Elm collection with Tammy and some other people who love pretty things. The best part about West Elm is that all of their inspirations for each season can easily update your home by adding just a few key pieces.  So if you're on a budget like me, you can decide how much you can afford this season and still make an impact. 

No you don't have to buy EVERYTHING new to completely update your space.

 At West Elm, it's obvious that everyone working their adores what they do and...surprise...WANT to help you. No, not in a pushy sales way. They help you in a I genuinely want to show you how to rework your home in a small way or even in a big way depending on your needs. From adding color with salad bowls to bringing nature to your dining room there is honestly something for anyone who wants to get a little more design savvy. 

Insects. Flowers. Color.

I have an obsession with light fixtures.

How are you planning on updating your home this spring?


  1. Oh man - I get the West Elm catalogue thing sent to my apartment every season and every time I just want to drop tons & tons of money lol.
    LOVE that place!


  2. I would love one of those white taxidermy (faux of course) antlers for my room. But, it probably won't happen. haha!

  3. okay I bought my first white ceramic animal last week at Z Gallerie!! cant wait to showcase it on the blog after our house gets painted this week!!!!!

  4. I think I need to get those knives to update my space. It will really make an impression on guests I believe ;)

    For real though I love their bedding!

  5. The first light fixture picture is the new one we got for our entry! I can't wait to get it up. I still need to paint though….blah.

  6. Wow, I loved everything in this post...I want it all for my house! :)

    PS: I nominated you for an award! (http://closexencounters.blogspot.com/2012/04/versatile-blogger-award.html)

  7. I love all the lighting fixtures! I graduate college in 4 weeks and I definitely have full plans to spruce up our house! I can't wait!

  8. I'll be moving this summer to Phoenix, definitely looking to add some new touches! Lighter colors and natural light!



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