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Happy Monday! Today I have one of my favorite bloggers, Amira, guest posting for me today! I absolutely LOVED this post and I know you will too. Make sure to go to the website she provided, it's amazing. Andddd check out Amira's blog, I know you will become an instant follower :)


Hello gorgeous readers of Hollie Takes Notes!
I'm Amira from Shades of Gray
and I am taking over Hollie's blog for the day while she's in NYC
{lucky girl.}
With summer quickly approaching,
the thought of getting into a bikini anytime soon is frightening.
Months of hibernation have not left me feeling my best.
And while I definitely want to make healthier food choices
and get off my butt and exercise more often
I often think about how hard women are on themselves
when it comes to their bodies and the way they look.
{But mostly their bodies.}
I blame society for that.
I heard a statistic once that the models on tv
represent only 3% of the women in this world with the same body type.
This means that 97% of us will never look like the images
of the women we are bombarded with daily
in movies, tv, and magazines.
97% will feel like they've fallen short.
And that makes me sad.

In a college course we watched the documentary
{If you have 4 minutes, watch this clip.}

A friend of mine on Facebook shared the link to this really great project:
You get to choose your dimensions:
height, weight, shirt size and shape,
and see real photographs of women
with the same measurements. 

This might help to put into perspective what you actually look like
{and not what you picture in your head}
And if you're brave enough,
maybe you'll post your own.

I think curves are beautiful
and I want to feel more comfortable with mine!



  1. that is such a great shot and statement of Jennifer - i love it!

  2. i loved this post. its so true an so frustrating all at the same time.

  3. Wow. Thanks Amira! I'm going to check out My Body Gallery right now, and Killing Us Softly looks incredible--the trailer was amazing and eye-opening, I just wish younger girls got to see it too. A girl in my psychology clinical counseling program (not ironic at all) just died of anorexia at the beginning of March, and it is so not okay to see amazing women think they're not good enough due to a size.

  4. Um Amazing ! I am so glad you shared this because I had not ever seen it! This was really inspirational !

  5. There are like... No pictures of people my size in that gallery. Guess I'm one of a kind haha :) I think it's all about feeling good, not necessarily a certain weight, or size, or anything like that.

  6. Oh Amira, you are just the best. I really loved this post and needed it. As an advertising major I know it is all fake and photo shopped yet still compare myself? Anyways I am in class but I can't wait to watch that video, and I just love Jen Aniston! Hollie, so glad I found your cute blog!

  7. I love this post! SO GREAT!!!!!

  8. what a great post! summer/bikini season always scares that begeezes out of me... this year... as long as i'm happy with myself... then i dont care!

  9. What an awesome post!! I watched the video and am totally baffled by why the fashion industry doesn't change the concept of beauty. Why can't they use fit and muscular women as their models instead of 12 year olds? Healthy is beautiful.

  10. This is a fantastic post with a lot of truth! Society is insane, and has driven many a beautiful, beautiful girl to severe self-hatred simply to look like something they are incapable of looking like (and shouldn't be worried about looking like, since they are beautiful as they are!) I really appreciate that someone else took the time to echo my thoughts and feelings, too. :)

  11. This is so true, and I definitely needed to hear this. Thanks Holly and Amira!

  12. I think no matter what size you are, this is a perfect reminder to just be happy with it and stop comparing. We are all beautiful!

  13. This was such a great post! And I agree that curves are beautiful, and we should all feel comfortable in ours. I watched the video too and it was definitely eye opening. Thank you, Amira and thank you Hollie for having her here!

  14. this is a great reminder not to compare ourselves and work on being happy the way we are. thanks, amira!!

  15. great post, it's getting so ridiculous with what we're expected to be/look

  16. Lovely post Amira!!! I loved the video.

  17. what a powerful post Amira! That video was awesome, thanks for sharing


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