Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So a week or so ago when I entered Lauren's giveaway, I thought twice about being the first to enter. I didn't want to jinx myself because the random number that wins always seems to fall in the middle.

Ironically, the winner of the SOLO Eyewear giveaway on my blog is the FIRST person who entered.

This is God's way of putting me in my place, I'm sure!

Congrats, Sar! Email me your address & which color SOLOs you'd like!

I can't bring myself to come up with anything else to post today because my brain is FRIED. I'm currently working day 9 of 12. Tomorrow I promise something lovely, though :)


  1. Woohoo! Go team go! I totally agree, I'm always hesitant to be the first to enter giveaways, but it seems to be on my side this week! Thanks Hollie!

  2. Um yeah, jealous. I'm just going to say it. Sar is going around winning everything lately. Good thing we're friends w/ her, maybe she'll rub off some of that luck on us ;)

  3. super jealous!
    congrats! :]

    i agree with lauren, give us some of your luck! ;}


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