Some thoughts in my head.

I believe in...

Trusting that things will come together. Don't worry, be happy. Whether this is God or whatever you believe, things always work out. See the silver lining.

Having as much reeses as I'd like. Throwing moderation with chocolate out the window. Someday I'll have to push myself harder to work out more...and it's worth it for my reeses!

NOT hanging out with my boyfriend every night. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. However, if I'm not successful in doing what needs to be done for can I truly be successful in a relationship? I can't rely on another person to make me happy as that truly sets up any relationship for disappoinment. I know this can sometimes make me seem detached to some people. But I believe it's healthy! Love is encouraging not controlling. Plus, a little missing of someone is never a bad thing! Even when I'm married someday I will insist on having my own hobbies and I won't nag when my future husband wants to do his own thing. I realize once you have kids this is harder but I think it sets a good example for your children as well. Obviously I'm not married and I don't have kids so I'm not a real expert but it seems important to me now. What advice do you have?

 Being myself. I'm twenty five and jam out to the Beibs. Oh and I'll probably see breaking dawn at midnight. I rarely paint my finger nails. Sometimes I get stressed and shut down temporarily. Sometimes my head is so far into the future with goals and plans I need to sit down and center myself. And that's perfectly alright.

Doing good deeds for strangers. What comes around goes around. Consider it your good fortune take a penny jar.

What do you believe in?


  1. Great list!
    I'm totally with you on having "me time" I get super grumpy if I don't. Me time away from friends, family, boyfriends... I just enjoy doing my own thing by myself from time to time!!

  2. love your list. "me" time is super important, especially with children. trust me, you guys will drive each other bananas if you don't do your own thing on a regular basis. (Trust me, I know :)
    i really believe you have to feed your own soul in order to be a good partner!

  3. I don't paint my nails either... and I forget to wear earrings so often that I've had to get my ears re-pierced (multiple times - opps).

    Time apart is really important, we all need our "me" time. My husband takes the baby for a few hours in the morning every weekend to run errands or whatever just so I can sit around in my PJs if that's what I want to do... and we each have gym time where we can do our own thing and not have to worry about baby duty.

  4. Posts like this one are my favorite, not only because I like to "read what's on people's minds" {get it?} but because it's just nice to ponder sometimes.

    I love your honesty. Whether I'm in a relationship or not, I need my "me" time. I guess I never really realized that for a while because I'm not really the "hobby" type of person. I just enjoy being alone. Weird, I know. So, I get overwhelmed if I'm even just with friends or family constantly. Oh, and I couldn't agree with you more about chocolate :)

  5. yes, yes and yes. you definitely need to have separate interests, hobbies, activities. trust me, it keeps things interesting and is good for both of you to continue to grow as individuals. don't give up who you are for someone. that's not love.

    i hate girls like you. skinny & pigging out on reese's with no worry. ugh.
    i'm kidding! kinda…

    good deeds are good. rocking out to corny music keeps you young.

  6. LOVE! :D I love this!
    I believe in waking up and having gorgeous weather outside and deciding that is going to determine a good day!
    I believe in helping others whenever possible, and Christmas Magic and Holiday Cheer [it does exist, it's real!]
    I believe in the magic of everyday life!

  7. Moderation with chocolate is way over rated. I agree on throwing that one out the window =)

    - Sarah

  8. I agree. Reese's are meant for fall! They have the color scheme and all. As for bf time, I kind of agree. We see each other every night, as we live together. I do have my own life with girl's nights, blog parties, etc. Even though we may be together in location, we don't always have to entertain each other. He plays fantasy sports and I watch cheesy tv.

  9. Great list! Reese's are a huge love of my life. And I fully support the "love should be encouraging not controlling" I believe a good pair of heels can change your day, astrological signs have some truth to them and everyone needs a mental health day every once in a while!

  10. Definitely agree with you about not seeing the boyfriend every night. I LOVE my individual time or time spent with just my friends. I think it's so important to each have your own thing, but also treasure the time spent together.

  11. This is a great list. I believe in doing what makes you happy, believing that there is a plan even if you don't know what it is at the exact moment. I beleive in being yourself, eating peanut butter with a spoon straight out of the jar, and that there is nothing greater then loving someone fully and getting the love in return!

  12. I believe in many of these things as well! Particularly being indepedent and making sure you're as healthy and happy as you can be to make your relationship healthy and happy. I also agree about reese's peanut butter cups. Those things save lives. Probably.

  13. I love this list and I agree/believe in many of these things.

    Brilliant blog hun!!


  14. Hi hollie just found ur blog its great. U seem to have it all together as far as ur way of thinking. My daughters at UT and has a boyfriend on and off when he isnt cheating or partying. She takes him back because she "thinks she needs him" i dont know what advice u have for me as a mom who cringes with the very thought of this. Did u always think clearly or did u go through anything like this too? My advice for you as a happily married woman with 2 children, is yes def. Find hobbies of your own but when possible find something you like to do together too. Its a nice blend.

  15. Love your list. Plus, I am 25 and also have some serious love for the Biebs :) Yeah!!!

  16. I love this advice. I think every girl should read the bit about learning to be yourself before being someone else. So true.. thanks for sharing!

  17. This is a great list! You should make it a link party!! I would totally join it!

  18. Sorry I'm commenting like crazy, but like I said, I really enjoy reading your posts because they really hit home for me.

    I definitely believe in "me" time away from the boyfriend. It's not easy getting that time when you live with someone (and share a car!), but having your own life sets your relationship up for excitement, and success.

    Anyway, thanks for this lovely post!


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