I have something very unfortunate to share with you all today.


I've gotten a few suggestions on what to replace it with and need some majority rules help!

So far options are as follows. Feel free to add new ones in too!!

The HAI.
I had this before and it was working pretty well.

The Babyliss. 

The CHI.

*All images from folica*
Anything in the $200 range is TOO much to justify as I try to only use heat 2-3 times a week. Less than or around $100 is perfect. I want something nice that won't fry my hair but nothing too extravagant I'll have buyers remorse over.

HELP! What's your vote?


  1. Ah! So sad! Hope you pick a great one! I don't straighten my hair because my dang hair is naturally straight....which can be a I don't know which one to vote for...I heard Chis are great :)

  2. I bought a cheap $30 straightener (Conair, I think, with a digital readout) at Target and it works way better than my Chi did! I use it probably 4 times a week, I've had it for a year and a half, and it works better than ever.

  3. I read the Chi is good, but alas I use one from target or somewhere like that! But it's nice and *red* [which apparently is very important to me! ]

    I would go on Sephora and read the reviews on some of the straighteners as well, to get some more feedback!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee. This is the most terrible news ever! Ok! I will help out a girl in need (and PS. these are my FAVORITE post to comment on!)

    So. I have pretty curly/wavy hair - I SWEAR by the FHI Platform Flat Iron. It heats up to 450 degrees, which is the highest I think they go. I have bought mine on because you can always find a coupon out there!

    Here is the link:

    It's $130 right now, BUTTTT they are always on sale, so I would just keep looking or Google some coupon codes. Also, they have a 1 year warranty (which I have used at like 11 months in... hehe) because they will give you a brand-spankin' new one :) FOR FREE!!

    Hope this helps! But YES, my vote is definitely FHI, this blows CHI out of the water... just sayin'...

    XOX. Jessie

  5. OH NOOOOS!!! i would probably keel over if i left my straightener in another frackin country. i have a GHD and i lovers it a whole lot. but i think it's over $100. last time i was at target i was impressed at how many options there are. i bet if you got one in the $50 range you'd be good to go! i just realized, i'm really not of much help…haha.

  6. My hair is literally the straightest thing you will ever see but I still own a straightner if I have pony tail creases or to curl the bottom of my hair and I have a chi and a revlon...I swear the revlon one is as good as the chi! Not sure what kind it is but it looks a lot like the chi! Goodluck!!

  7. Ahh being without a hair straightener is the worst! I use a T3 & I love it!

  8. i've been using a $30 cheapy from Target for YEARS! I suggest looking around those aisles!

  9. I vote for TJ Maxx! I'm sure whatever high-end brand they have there that you can snag for less than retail will work perf!

  10. Hi sorry about the news. I cant live without mine. My daughter has naturally curly hair and we use the jose eber. Its about 100 bucks. First tried it at the kiosk in the mall. Works great. Good luck.

  11. The Chi works fabulous=)I used to work in a salon & that was def. the most sold...=)
    new follower.=)

  12. I've sworn by my chi for years! It's never let me down. Your hairdresser might be able to order you one and get you the wholesale discount as well. xoxo Marissa

  13. aahhh i lost my hair straightener too!! i just bought a curling iron instead. Love chi though!

    Classic & Bubbly

  14. Yep..that is a true tragedy! Coming from a natural curly hair girl you gotta go for the CHI. I know what I'm telling you. You hair will stay straight even if you end up down in humidity of the Florida Keys! :)

  15. Sorry to hear about your straightener :( My vote is definitely with the CHI. I love mine!

  16. The Chi FOR SURE! I was OBSESSED with mine!!

  17. Go with the CHI! I've had two and they're well worth it and they come in some awesome colors.

  18. ah this is tragic!

    i have only used a chi so i can't recommend one over the other. and i stopped using it when i got lazy... :)

    i am so glad you found my blog! i can't wait to read more of yours! you are adorable!

    happy friday!


  19. I asked Santa for a Chi for Christmas. I hope I'm not disappointed by it!

    By the way, because I love reading your blog, I left you an award on mine!

    Hope you have a good Friday!


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