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Us Bloggers. 

We put effort into our blogs. We love our Blogs. And when we aren't posting on our own blogs we are virtually high-fiving other bloggers with comments, twitter, guest posts etc. 

We support each other.

So when i started to notice that virtual friends are actually more supportive than my in-the-flesh friends... I started thinking there is something off.

I'm not sure what it is. 

Maybe you have a suggestion?

But I do know that you are probably thinking "well duh, I'm commenting to get more hits/ followers/ traffic/ free stuff etc" But lets get real. There is a certain point where we become attached to our blogging buddies. We become genuinely  invested in their tragedies, accomplishments, and even what they ate for breakfast. 

So why is it that virtually, behind a screen and with a keyboard we can reach out and pick people up but physically, in the real world, the supportive words and gestures are lacking? 

Do you relate to this too or is it just me???


  1. I feel like sometimes this is so true!! I think it's a matter of time and while we carve out the time every day for blogging sometimes we don't for our nearby friends because "they're always there". Also, you think "Well so and so hasn't called me, so I'll wait to call them until the weekend" but when a blogging friend comments and leaves you a note TODAY, you kind of want to get back to them today.

  2. I love that you brought this up... it's very true! I don't really know why though

  3. I am right there with you. Your post couldn't be more right. There are so many ladies I follow, to whom I feel an attachment of sorts. I definitely want to know more about their day, their weekend, their husbands, boyfriend, kids, everything. Not to mention, they make me feel like I'm on cloud nine with all of their support.


  4. this is so true! love your post girl!

  5. this is so true! me and a bloggy friend were just talking about this! i never get as deep with RL friends as I do with my bloggy girls. Maybe because we share the same passions? who knows?

  6. This is so true! I think it's easier to get 'real' with people when there's the safety net of a computer screen. I also think I express myself better with the written word than with speech. Makes it easier to say the right thing at the right time, meaning my blogger friends probably get the bet of me!!

    Can't wait to read your post Holly!

  7. I agree. I just started consistently blogging a few weeks ago and ever since i've been addicted. Yes, it is cool to see how fast I have gotten followers and comments by others, but I think most of all, they have taken interest when my "in-flesh-friends" haven't. Sometimes I think they just don't understand the world of blogging and what it is really all about. Us bloggers share an appreciation for it!

  8. god, if this isn't TRUTH. I love blogging so much sometimes. I love finding people who relate to me in a way some of my IRL friends can't.

  9. This is soooo true for me! I haven't even told my "in the flesh" friends that I have a blog because I know they won't be supportive of it and I don't need them reading it just to be snarky.
    I've loved reading your blog and also reading the blogs that you've suggested as I've read. Looking forward to meeting you at the meetup this Sunday!


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