Summer Style Series Vol 1.4: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Happy Thursday! FYI, Blogger refuses to format this how I'd like so beware of giant spaces!

Today I'm featuring someone absolutely hilarious...Aubrey at All Things Bright And Beautiful! I love checking out her new posts because she always finds these really cozy and colorful interior design photos. Her blog makes me want to redo my entire apartment in a completely different way. Every day. It's actually becoming a problem as I'm way too indecisive now! Her blog writing style is always very animated and always fun to read. And...her version of the smiley face is so cute. What's not to love? (c:

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Aubrey: Um, attention...duh! I'm totally kidding!!! I started blogging because I got completely obsessed with design blogs and I just felt like I would really like a place to be able to put my ideas and inspiration out it is *SO* much fun meeting all the fun and talented bloggers out there! Sometimes I think I started so I wouldn't go insane at home...but that is a completely different story (c;

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Aubrey: I'm pretty open and honest with my readers...maybe a little *too* honest sometimes...but I suppose that not *everyone* knows that I lived in Brazil for two years and speak fluent Portuguese...every once in a while you with see some of my friends leave comments in this lovely language!  

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Aubrey: Um, what style? 
Easy, streamlined, bright, shiney, and FUN. 

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Aubrey: Mostly it's my lifestyle...honestly, if I had my pick, I would completely wear heels and dresses all the time, but HELLO, not exactly practical with two little buggers running around! Same with my home...I really like light and bright materials, but sometimes those don't go so well with jelly/mud/boogers, y'know? (c: The pic is of my little one taking after her mama!!!
 Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Aubrey: This is pretty much the *least* glamorous answer ever, but I can't live without Wet Wipes. Seriously, they save my life at least 3 times a day.

But I'm also pretty sure it will be a cold day in hades if I ever step out of the house without at least mascara on and some lip gloss. It might be where my two year-old got her "lippie" addiction. 

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Aubrey: Fantasy shop or actually buy things shop??? I'm pretty sure I would love to take home about 2/3 of Anthro and I could do some serious damage at Restoration Hardware...but I think that Etsy is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, you can find *ANYTHING* on there! They have the most fantastic pillows around... 

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Aubrey: I'm still super impressed with my new chair...$25 for all it's velvet tufted goodness. It's a beautiful thing. 

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Aubrey: Three pairs of Christian Louboutins. BAM. How's that for a quick decision??? (c: I would actually probably pick some awesome furniture like an amazing upholstered headboard, a tufted sofa, and a chaise lounge...but that's not nearly as fun!

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Aubrey: Probably my purse...those two little people who are responsible for the stains and boogers in my house have also worked their magic on my purse. I'm not gonna lie, it's grody (yeah, I'm resurrecting that word from the '80's, you're welcome.)


–adjective, -di·er, -di·est. Slang .
1.repulsive; disgusting; nauseating.

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Aubrey: What blogs don't inspire me is a lot shorter list!!! There are *SO* many with amazing things and talents that a goober like me can only *dream* about! Three of the very first that I began following and got me hooked on the blog world are Elements of Style, Style Files, and I Suwannee...those are some amazeballs women right there... 

Thanks so much for having me, Hollie! I mean really, who doesn't like to talk about their favorite subject ? I totally mean blogging...not me...of course...(c:

No thank you, Aubrey!! Check out her blog people. Tomorrow I have a really awesome Texan sharing! :)


  1. Shes hilarious! Love the boogers mud and jelly! I can just imagine that her kids must have a blast with her!

    BTW i used wet wipes alll the time. They are in my desk, my bathroom and my car! Love them!

  2. Loved getting to know Aubrey on a more personable level! She's got a great attitude on life! And her bold and unique style shows it just right!

  3. Honestly, Aubrey is one of the funniest people I know. So fun getting to know more about her. I am dying over the velvet chair . . . and the purse and wet wipes comments. Oh, and I would be in heels and a dress if I could as well, Aubrey! Fun series.

  4. Great interview with Aubrey, she is one of my very favourite bloggers! I hear you on the CLs and the wet wipes. :)

  5. Hi Hollie! thanks for the fun interview; loved getting to know Aubrey better! and also nice to discover your blog!

  6. cool ! :)) :D

  7. Love Aubrey! And that picture of her daughter is adorable. Now that I stopped by, I now know she lived in Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Never would've thought.

  8. Aubrey, I did not know you lived in Brazil! What an amazing adventure that must have been!

  9. Hehehe...I always like reading that just totally vain of me??? (c: Thanks for having me Hollie, I loved it! MWAH!


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