Kerastase Review

If you haven't searched for hair product on you need to! I'm on an email list and they have great, GREAT deals from time to just have to keep an eye out.

On my most recent coupon, I purchased two items I remembered fondly but gave up due to price a few years ago-Kerastase Bain Satin 2 and Kerastase Masquintense for Fine hair. It wasn't until a few months ago after I cut off all of the dead ends I was trying so hard to preserve for length that I realized the last time my hair was really long and healthy I was using Kerastase. So I bit the bullet when a $20 off coupon rolled into my inbox.

If you've been following you may have remembered when I said no hair product is a miracle worker. I take that back! My hair felt unbelievably smooth, shiny, and healthy...even at the ends! I hope that regular hair cuts and this stuff will help revive my hair back to what is was a few years ago. What hair products do you swear by?


  1. Kerastase is cool! I'm following!

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  2. I'm obsessed with Kerastase! I swear its one of the best lines out there!!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Its so expansive but sooo worth it. Target has it! yay

  4. I used to use the green one, think it's was for damaged hair? I was sooo talked into it by toni and guy though, they did their sales pitch whilst my head was shoved in a basin so there was no hiding from them!!

  5. i've used the green one before, it's for "damaged" hair...i think anyone could use it after a color though!


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