Chanel 'Boy Bag'

Hi Guys! I just got back from a relaxing short little vacation to beautiful Michigan to visit family. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

In other news...

Chanel introduced these menswear inspired 'boy bags' recently which are a little more modern than the quilted cult bags every celebrity has and adores. I'm loving the simple and basic features this bag offers. Look below at the picture Chanel released of these new bags.

They remind me of the Marc by Marc Jacobs lines out there but with less gaudy chain straps. The Chanel chain is more of a bronze rather than a bright gold which gives it a vintage feel. Michael Kors has also done something similar but just not as delicate. I love the balance of this bag being delicate yet more unisex. I am so excited to see where other designers take this idea of menswear bags that are more modern, simple, and less feminine. I really hope some of the lower priced design houses run with it! What do you think of the boy bag? What purses do you love right now?


  1. Michigan! Can I be you? Can we swap countries? Northampton is rubbish.


  2. Let's trade like that movie the holiday! I'd like to make it over there some day! Thanks for the comments Eloise :)

  3. Chanel always gets it right with their handbags, now don't they? (c: Except for the price, now *that* is not perfect! But I guess if everyone could get one, then they wouldn't be as alluring, now would they? Thanks for visiting my blog, I always love making new friends!


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