Loving Lace Shorts

I am loving lace shorts! Did anyone see Blake Lively on the Glamour cover?

Lulus has a really great pair at a decent price online.


I'm a little hesitant to just buy them without trying them on first. I hate ordering clothes online. Mostly because I hate going to the post office to return them! Seriously lazy, right? I think these are so cute for going out at night and I'm so bummed I haven't seen any in the stores by my house. What do you guys think about lace shorts?


  1. I just added these to my want list i;m posting Monday! I WANT/NEED them asap

  2. Loving lacey shorts and fishtail braids!!

  3. Love Lace shorts!! Blake looks absolutely amazing <3

  4. I love lace shorts! You should go for it... I think Forever 21 may have some on sale for cheap!

  5. i like them other than the fact that they look like undies so i don't think i'd really like them on and would probably end up wearing them around my house.


Thank YOU for your comments. <3