Target Wedding! Be Yourself, Together.

I love gift giving but I really try to buy a gift that the recipients will use and truly enjoy. Why buy something that's just going to sit in a closet, right!? When the gift occasion is a wedding it can be especially challenging to find a gift that expresses both the individuality of each person but also celebrates them as a couple. That's why I was pretty excited to team up with Target and their Wedding Registry theme "Be Yourself, Together". I think it's really important to have different and common interests in a relationship.

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Two products that would be a fantastic gift and are probably on many registries are the Weber One Touch Grill  and Threshold Kayden Flatware Set. This flatware set is gorgeous, sturdy, and perfect for entertaining, impressing family and your girlfriends with your domestic skills! The Weber grill is easily portable and gets the job done for a barbecue with the boys in the backyard or patio. The separate interests of home decorating, entertaining and masterful grilling come together for the perfect September get together. Make sure to follow the Target campaign by searching #TargetWedding.

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