Last day in London!

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One the last leg of our tour we visited the medieval town of Lacock (where portions of Harry Potter were filmed!) and had lunch at a pub that held England's first liquor license in the 1300's. We also visited Bath, England which was by far my favorite part of the day. Had I know how beautiful and quaint it was, I would have stayed the night and a full day there. We didn't have enough time to tour the ancient Roman spas and frankly, I wanted to explore and grab some ice cream! Guess I'll have to go back some day ;)

Have you ever been to Bath?


  1. i want to go there. but then i may never come back.

  2. Gaaah this is so pretty!! I've always wanted to go to Bath!

  3. Looks so nice! Your photos from your London recap make me want to visit London so bad! And great suggestion to maybe plan a trip to Bath. I love the smaller towns. They are my favorite:)



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