London Day Two

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 The recycled air on our flights to London took a toll on me pretty much our entire time in England. At this point, I was really trying to fight through my bad cold. We ended up staying our second night in with some take away (takeout!) from a mom and pop shop by our hotel. The food wasn't the best but it got the job done. Who doesn't feel better after some lasagna? We stayed in that night and watched Breaking Bad so I could rest up. Although I didn't watch much, the nighttime cold medicine I found had me passing out around 10 pm. However, even though I was under the weather we still managed to take a hop on hop off bus around the city to see the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and ate a local pizza shop off the beaten path. As a self proclaimed pizza expert, I HAD to try the pizza in London even if we were headed to Italy next!


  1. I just booked an 8 day trip to London, Paris, and Rome with my best friend! We leave in March and I'm pretty nervous. I just blogged about it here

    any travel advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Being sick while on vacation is absolutely no fun! I am glad you were still able to do some of the touristy stuff though:)


  3. what is with the giant rooster? i NEED to know!


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