Skin Care Essentials

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I'm a recovering product junkie and I love to try out a new product ever so often. I also have problem skin. I basically have adult acne from stress and poor cell turnover.  At least that's what I've decided. ;) I've had pretty clear skin for the past few months which is awesome! This post was not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share what works for me right now. I have a slight olive undertone and can scar easily. Unfortunately, almost all of my blemishes leaving scarring so my skin care regimen is very important to me!

 Night and day I use this cleanser. followed by a makeup remover on my eyes. I don't have a favorite makeup remover, I just use whatever is cheapest when I go to Target. In the mornings I always use the Cetaphil  Moisturizing Lotion. Nights are a different story. One to two times a week I use Epiduo which was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. The only thing I don't like about it is it seems to make scarring happen more often as your skin is thinner (and I'm prone to scars). However, it has really helped me keep my acne under control. I don't use moisturizer after. On the nights I don't use Epiduo, I wash my face and put on the truth serum which helps my skin be brighter and for scars to fade. Then, I wait about ten minutes and put on my Cetaphil lotion. On Fridays I use my Clarisonic followed by the serum and lotion. I try to use the Epiduo during the week so that my skin isn't aggravated when I use my Clarisonic. I highly recommend my Clarisonic and Purity face wash. I also am obsessed with the Truth serum but my mom and good friend both hated it. I almost can't believe them! ;)

What are your favorite products?


  1. I've never heard of the Epiduo prescription! Sounds interesting! I am on Retin-A which is helping and with aging as well. I do love that truth serum so much!!!

  2. how do you like your clarisonic? i keep wanting to buy it but never do.

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