Where I'm Going.

This week I wanted to share my traveling bucket list through the wonderful world of pinterest.

((and linking up with Michelle as usual))

I truly think traveling is worth the cost and the sacrifice (sometimes that means less hoopla through out the year). Sometimes all you need is a little getaway for a better perspective in your life. I don't mean go crazy if you can't afford it but finding a way to fit it in your budget a few times a year (or once) is a great way to expand your mind, reevaluate your purpose and reward yourself! I find a way to treat myself, even if it's only a few cities over.

In no particular order:

London (Prince Harry here I come!):

Paris (If The Eiffel Tower isn't the most romantic place in the world, let me know):

Italy (Would you believe me if I said I'm part Italian? Plus, my favorite food!):
Source: google.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Irleand (BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER ME + Castles + The Lochness Monster):
Source: google.com via Dana on Pinterest

Swiss Alps (Something about these mountains is so magical! Plus one of my bff's lives there!):

Greece (Absolutely stunning. Need I say more?):
Source: google.com via Darcee on Pinterest

Cabo (Tropical vacations are underrated...plus this one can be totally doable for me living in San Diego!):

Alaska (This is high up on my list. It looks so peaceful and gorgeous. A helicopter ride is a must. And coming home with a husky dog. It could happen.):
Source: bugbog.com via Tiph on Pinterest

Seattle (The space needle, Nordstrom headquarters, rainy weather...check me in there please):

Oregon Coast (I've heard it's amazingly breathtaking):

California Central Coast (My boyfriend goes on and ON..and ON..and ON about this. It MUST be good!):

Napa Valley (A real wino's dream.):
Source: google.com via Tara on Pinterest

Boston (I love the east coast. Boston looks like so much fun!):

Florida (Gotta step in the Atlantic ya know.):

New Orleans (Music. Culture. Heart Attack Food.):

Newport, Rhode Island (I was born there and haven't been back since I was 4!):

D.C.(I LOVE history...and STILL have faith in the ideals of democracy!):

Australia (Who doesn't want to go down under? Don't be creepy, people):

Africa (I'm fascinated by Africa. I'd love to volunteer here and experience the Safari. And say what up to my kitty friends relatives you know....Yes, I am a cat lady. You want a peice of this?):

Tokyo (Fashion.):

St. Thomas (Beautiful and relaxing):
Source: google.com via Stacey on Pinterest

Oklahoma (I know some Okies there who swear it's cool):

Where do you want to travel to?


  1. YEAH!!! Ooooooklahoma! It's um, windy here? St. Thomas is fabulous, and when you go-visit St. John. Blows St. Thomas out of the water (ha, get it??). A lot less "touristy" and the entire island is a national park. Their beaches are waaaaay better than St. Thomas.

  2. I want to go to all of these places!

  3. Ummm I will go ALL these places with you - seriously, let's go! If you go to DC let me know b/c my parents live there and we can just plan to stay with them (yes, I just invited myself). Oklahoma... I mean obviously you have a place to stay there. I can't decide where we should go first, so many great options!

  4. Oh P.S. and I have family in Boston too. Just saying.

  5. I'm proud to say that I have been to a lot of these places, but I also want to go to a lot of these places. Wanna take a trip together? I think it would be sooooo fun ;) And, don't hate me for saying this, but I think Italy is more romantic than Paris... But I think the Italian in me contributes to that. Happy Hump Day!

  6. Ahh, you just gave me the travel bug this morning! We just got back from St. Thomas in October and I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Greece is at the very top of my travel bucket list :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. AWESOME list Hollie! We have similar travel goals! If you decide to come visit South Florida, let me know & I'll show you around ;)


  8. The California central coast is beautiful!!! I pretty much want to go to every place you listed here :) great choices girl!

  9. amazing list! if you have never been to southern utah- any of the national parks there, you must try them out!

  10. I love all these places/want to go to them. Good list!!
    And Central Cali really is gorgeous :)

  11. Oregon coast is beautiful and a must see! I want to go back some day :)

  12. You are a girl after my own heart! I want to go to so many of these places! I really really want to go to Paris and Italy!!

  13. I am totally with you on all of these places! I have only been to Florida- but my dream is to visit Italy and lately Greece but I would truly love all of these places!

  14. hahahaha maybe you should have made a bucket list of places you DON'T want to go to. ;)

    Saved the best for last, huh? Yea-uhhhh.

    Gah, I want to go to all of these places too! I have heard that the places most photographed in Greece are actually hard to get to, but who cares? It's gorgeous. Where is Cali Central Coast?! You definitely need to go to New Orleans. We went the year before Katrina hit. Loved it. Yes - Australia! I want to go so badly. I think I'd want to move there.

    But, you can cross all of these off and just come to Oklahoma.

  15. p.s. hahaha I'm with Lauren. I'm coming with. Boston and DC!!

  16. And when you come to Seattle, you can visit me :) K, thanks ;)

  17. Costa Rica & Italy (I'm Italian too!) I totally believe traveling is a sacrifice that should be made multiple times a year! These pics make me yearn for another vacay!

  18. Perfect picks!! Especially Australia, that's been a dream of mine since I was little. Can't believe you've never stepped foot in the Gulf, girl. DC is amazing, I spent all summer there :)

  19. traveling is so worth not being able to buy other materialistic things. although it's definitely been hard not shopping and saving for europe.

    i went to st. thomas with my family. it was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. I love this idea and am totally going to steal it (and credit you of course!). Thanks for a little bloggy inspiration!

  21. that is an awesome list of places although if you visit ireland and hope to see nessy you will be a bit dissapointed seeing as loch ness is in scotland ;)

  22. I want to go to a lot of these places too! Basically I want to see ALL of Europe. I'm also dying to go to Mongolia and South America...If you ever get a chance, you need to drive Hwy 1 in CA. It is amazing- your bf is right :)

  23. I still have yet to get to Australia and Seattle!!!

  24. Love this post! Come on over to London & join us for some tea ;) SUPER want to go to Italy too. & the Eiffel Tower is my favourite thing to visit <3

    M x

  25. I'm swooning over this list! My husband and I were lucky enough to backpack Europe for a month and visited most of your European locales (yes to Swiss Alps...Interlaken; Cinque Terre, Italy is the most beautiful/romantic place in my opinion...not the Eiffel Tower ;))
    And I agree...travel is most definitely worth the money!


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