Wanna be like Mike...er...Raven and Kim.

I'm not even sure how to begin this post.

Have you seen Raven's inspiring post about playing the upsexy joke on your friends?

Raven is pretty much my role model. I wanna be like her someday when I have kids.  Or okay, let's be real....now. She's seriously HILAAAAARIOUS.

She got it from Kim who is also another mom I'm obsessed with.

They make me feel like my "things that make me want to throw up" post would be okay??

Anyhow, you try to get someone to say "what's up sexy?" to you.

Easy? Kind of?

The first time I tried I failed MISERABLY


The second time I tried I failed AGAIN.

I decided to go out on a limb and try it on a fellow blogger. I picked Ashlyn cuz she's awesome. And because I noticed she was super busy on Path today. I kept getting notifications that she was listening to "Criminal" by Britney Spears, OKAY! I also thought she'd be good because she's insanely busy with school. I thought there was a small chance she hadn't checked twitter in awhile and hadn't seen Raven's post.
I was right.
But I kind of didn't believe her. I thought Lauren  had somehow convinced her to play along with me. After all, I was kinda P-O ed that no one was falling for it with me.


(Blogger wouldn't let me center these pictures...so sorry people!!)

Thanks to Ashlyn for being radical.



  1. HahahaI love how everyone has been doing this!

  2. This is so funny! I had to go to Raven's blog to figure it out...I will have to try if for sure! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Hahaha....this is awesome! I need to give it a try. I can only imagine though if I attempted this w. my husband he would write back something obscene and borderline illegal...LOL Question....I always wondered how do people get pics of their text messages up on their blog? Wow me with your intelligence woman!

  4. bhahah. i love this!!
    i really had no idea & i haven't been able to read blogs like i have wanted to lately!

    thanks for making my night! xoxo.

  5. I heart Ashlyn!!! So great! I still need to try this on my boyfriend to see if he falls for it!

  6. I am doing this as we speak. So far no one is taking the bait! dammit!!!!

  7. ok you are SO sweet!!!! seriously, what you wrote about me was just the nicest ever. made my day.

    and on another note....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GOSH I am loving this upsexy thing!!!! Doesn't it just make you SO MAD when they won't just ask the DAMN QUESTION?? HAHA!!

  8. totally thought I was already following you???? Well, I am NOW!!!!!

  9. Just one of the many reasons I love Ashlyn :)

  10. LOl! So hilarious. I just found your blog & am loving' it!!

  11. Omg i love these upsexy jokes! Too funny! And Ashlyn, hahaha shes too funny!

  12. Ha ha this made me laugh! :) You girls are fun!

  13. Hahaha I saw this on Pinterest a little while ago and did it to my boyfriend. He actually fell for it!!! Hilarious. Love this upsexy post :)


Thank YOU for your comments. <3