Tommy boy.

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I know they're OH so popular. They're not really cutting edge. Not that I am, either?? My idea of cutting edge is doing a pinterest post on what makes me want to throw up. Luckily, I assumed most of you wouldn't hear my hysterical laughing through the interwebs, so I restrained myself. Then I thought how embarrassed I'd be if Michelle banned me from the Oh how pinteresting link up! The only link up I actually commit to each week. And love to commit to. And if you must know, what sparked this thought was a long love letter type text someone took a picture of.... It almost seemed F-A-K-E. And if it was real, I'm sorry but I was laughing my behind off. I too am a sucker for sweet words sometimes, but some things are best kept to read and re-read and smile about in private. But perhaps I am alone in this! Anyways, since "everybody" has Toms I hear but me, maybe it should make me want them less? But I want some. Want some badly.They look SO comfortable. And most of the time that's all that matters.

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Do you have a pair?


  1. Obsessed with the Native American inspired ones!!

  2. I love my Toms! I want to get a new pair, and these ones you found are amazing! I love the second ones you pinned!

  3. their oh so pretty :]
    i want them all! haha

  4. I love the last ones!!

    I have a pair and so does B... Jump on the bandwagon! Do it, do it!

  5. I am right there with you on things that make me laugh or yack on Pinterest!

  6. TOMS are definitely on my Christmas list this year! Obsessed!!!

  7. 'Tis true. They're comfy. My husband refuses! I don't do so many things because everyone else does. Like Harry Potter…flat out refuse to get into. Plus I'm not 9. (sorry HP fans…you're all a little weird in my book!)

    I think I need to link up with this pintrest party?

  8. I still don't own a pair...what is wrong with me?!

  9. I love TOMS! Theyre the most comfortable shoes ever!

  10. i don't have any toms... but i want some! every time i decide what pair i want, they sell out :(

    the last ones are my fave on your list!


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