How To Successfully Annoy People On Twitter

If you want to successfully annoy people on twitter you must be able to play the game.

The name of the game is getting someone to pull their own hair out.

Some may talk back. Some may unfollow you. This means you're doing a good job.

If you really want to get on some nerves take some suggestions from my friends.

*Visit these girls on twitter for some awesome blog stalking*

You may also want to do this as well....
1. Promote yourself all day every day and never tweet anything else. It's all about you, right!?

2. Complain on every single tweet. Here's a quarter call someone who cares? ((Wow, that song is outdated.)) WARNING: Sometimes complaining won't work, you MUST do this every single tweet.

3. Constantly profess your love to the Biebs. I master at this one.

4. Cry about your blog drama. And then don't expand on your drama when people ask. #breatheinbreatheout #itsblogging

5. Send like 50000 tweets in a row. Like, totally, uncool bro. I also master at this one.

And just some fun twitter hacking facts for you, friends!

If you don't you know!
PS-This was meant to be humorous! Please don't take offense. I know I have violated most of these minus the in labor thing ;)


  1. Hmm interesting and entertaining (as always =P)
    ... also that 9/11 anniversary hacker tweet is crazy, and completely horrendous

  2. Bahaha!!! I hate all the klout stuff!! Ahh I sit even know what that is and I dent takes up my whole feed! Girl you crack me up. I def do my share of self promotion ha! In fact I will go inform everyone right now that I have a new post up...again ;))

  3. Woa tons of spelling errors above...but hopefully you get the idea :)

  4. Well Kylie definitely just ruined my labor plans. I was even going to tweet pictures!

    (So not true.)

  5. hehehe. I totally HATE it when people RT EVERY SINGLE mention, and then tweet again to respond to that. I mean, GAH-- it's just as bad as just promoting yourself ALL DAY.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. bahahahaha IM that Klout person!!! I get FREE ish, yo! i HATE when people only tweet about how much their life sucks. get off the damn tweet mobile and get a LIFE!

    so much yelling in my comment. OOPS. NOT!

  7. LOVE THIS!!! I need to go annoy more people...


  8. great blog post. cute blog.

    new follower!!

  9. That infographic was one of the most entertaining things I've ever read. Thanks!


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