A Special Guest is Posting Today!

Last night (weird because I am scheduling this post...) I took off for a long weekend trip with my manfriend! I'll give you a few hints as to where we've gone to.

1. We had to fly there.
2. It's within 1500 miles of San Diego any which way.
3. It's a city that ends in -er.

I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Anyways, wonderful Alex at Mutual Weirdness has graciously taken over my blog while I'm away. AND she's combined two of my favorite things!! And you thought maybe I wouldn't talk about football this week ;)


Hey y’al!!
Alex here, visiting from the land of Mutual Weirdness.
I’m so excited to be here on the lovely Hollie Ann’s blog. 
She’s such a doll!!
And since she loves both fashion and football, I present to you an everyday girl’s inside look at college football attire!
I went to a ginormous, tradition-heavy school in Texas.
Texas A&M University, to be exact.

Students stand throughout the entire football game.
Four hours. In the heat. Seemingly never-ending.
So naturally, my outfit of choice was something as comfortable and cool as possible.
Think Nike athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Or, if I was feeling daring, denim shorts and a t-shirt.

You get the picture.
Then I graduated. And no longer had to sit in the student section. Or, in my case, never had to attend the games again [I’m a bad Texas native, so sue me].
Thus began my illustrious career in tailgating. 
No longer having to worry about comfort and constant murder from the heat did wonders for my outfit choices come game day.

 (Nothing says class like a giant mimosa)

I did the previously unthinkable and purchased a game day dress or two. I wore cute tank tops instead of t-shirts. I PUT ON MAKE UP! This was a big deal. I was clearly growing up.

Now A&M has joined the SEC, a conference notorious for girls wearing heels and pearls to football games. 

I may have evolved from athletic shorts and t-shirts, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for football meets debutante ball. 
Sun+beer+BBQ does not bode well for a classy outfit. Am I right?
Since I’ve proved to myself that I am capable of fashion change ups, maybe I’ll just take this new transition one step at a time. 
But, I swear to y’all, you will never find me in heels at a football game or tailgate.
 I’m just not that talented.

Thanks for having me, Hollie Ann!!


  1. Thanks again for having me! Enjoy your secret weekend getaway! :)

  2. Great guest post! have fun on your trip Hollie!

  3. Oh this is so fun! What great guest post. I can't believe the students stand 4 hours in the heat. I would drop like a fly! I hope Hollie has a great vacation! I'm having an interview over at my little blog if you are interested =)

    - Sarah

  4. I go to Alabama and you are right, sometimes the dresses and heels are a little much! Gotta love Football though. Loved the post!

  5. Great post! Found 2 new great bloggers through it!

  6. Have fun! I love going to games.


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