Ridin Solo

I'm loving these sunglasses by Solo Eyewear. See the real bamboo on the side?! If you read my post on the WeWood watches you know how I'm loving anything with a wooden, crafty yet polished look.

Yup, need these.

Show the guys in your life some style. We all know most of them need your help ;)

Solo Eyewear helps supply prescription eyewear and eye surgeries to those who can't afford it on their own. When you buy a pair of sunglasses YOU CHOOSE how your purchase will help those with vision problems. Wait, buy a new pair of wayfarers AND help someone see better?! Makes me want a pair of new glasses and become a part of the Solo cycle. 

Read all about their vision to give.

I honestly don't even know how this company makes money because these glasses are so affordable at $32.  I'm sure most of you know ray bans run around $100.

Check the Solo Eyewear Facebook page here

Check the official website for Solo Eyewear

And FYI, no one paid me to do this. I'm just a serious fanboy  fangirl ;) Black & wood Solos are coming my way soon!

Have a fantabulous weekend, friends :)


  1. Very cool! I can't pull off that style at all - I'm an aviators kinda gal, but I love the idea of it all!

  2. Hollie, great post. I really like the look of your site. -Craig

  3. i love these companies with a social conscience! have a great weekend!

  4. How cool! They look cool and go to a cool cause!


  5. wow what a cool company. i love companies that donate and give back!! it helps me feel better about what i buy, i hope more companies will start up with this philosophy in mind!


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