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I know a lot of women across America don't like football. At one time, I didn't as well. Until you really give the game a chance there's no way to understand why men are yelling and throwing things at the t.v. Why are they planning their entire schedules around the game? Why do they suddenly not care about anything else when football is on? I get why you're annoyed and I get why you're confused.

 However, I grew up in a sports minded family--we love basketball, baseball, and football. My Dad is a die hard Detroit Lions fan. In fact, he got a Lions tatoo on his chest about five years or so ago. (If you know anything about the Lions, they're TERRIBLE! As in some of the worst records in NFL history) While I wouldn't grow up to become a Lions fan, I did fall in love with the San Diego Chargers.

Before you click "unfollow" on the right hand side over there...

  • Men in tights. Enough said!
  • The best excuse in the world to eat unhealthy food. Wings, appetizers, hamburgers, chips, dips, chili, pizza...BEER!
  • Victory dances. These guys practice their moves in the mirror (you know you do too) before games and it shows! Look at my boy Mike Tolbert doing the dougie in the endzone. You're sold right here, aren't you?!
    Watch it!
  • Talent. Do you realize how hard it is to throw a hail mary to someone down the field? Do you know how difficult it is to catch a football when HUGE men are all up in your grill? I doubt I could do it. In fact, I don't think a lot of of the guys I know could do that. It takes the top athletes in our country to make it in the NFL. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  • Unity. Think Friday Night Lights. Now you have something to talk about with anyone in our country at any time. It brings people with all sorts of hobbies together to become a team. Don't you want to be a part of something great? Well, you can. Become a team support. And Victoria's Secret Pink makes the cutest clothes for football fans.

Happy Friday! And watch some football this weekend!

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  1. I looooove football! Favorite man sport by far! AND goooo Chargers!

  2. Haha! I'm allllll about the end zone dances!! BJ Raji from the Packers last year... omg, amazing.


  3. its nice to find women who actually love and understand football! I'm still working on understanding all of it. But I know enough to cheer and boo at the correct times. The boyfriend is a Chargers fan. I am a Cowboys fan. It gets pretty interesting around these parts come football season.

  4. the tv show friday night lights so turned me into a football fan. i'm not crazy about pro football but college football is so much fun.

    and high school football too, actually. the town where i live is small (actually- kind of exactly like FNL). they are football crazy and have a, like, billion dollar stadium. all you can see on fridays here is a sea of orange and black. but with six state championships in the last 10 years you can see why!

  5. I love the Chargers too!
    I didn't really understand, or care for, football until I worked as an academic tutor for the UCLA football team.... and then I quickly became obsessed.

    Go Chargerrrsss... I'm hoping for a better season this year :)

  6. Um I think people should be fans JUST for the VS Pink gear - that should be enough for people. But, I grew up loving sports, hardcore, so I completely understand. My dad never had a boy so I was lucky enough to get his love for sports transferred to me. Except for golf - I don't understand how people watch it... Oh well.

  7. I love your blog! :) It's so cute! I like the end zone dances and eating unhealthy every weekend!

  8. Hollie girl, you always crack me up...and I was totally headed for the "unfollow" button until the clip of Tolbert doing the dougie (c: HAHA! I'm not a huge football fan myself (the hubbs isn't really, so therefore, I'm off the hook (c:), but I would never say no to a great sporting event. HOLLA!

  9. Lol great reasons!


  10. did your dad see the score of the lions and chiefs game over the weekend?? oh.my.gosh. amazing! i love you are a fellow chargers fan! so glad that the coach in friday night lights won an emmy last night he is awesome and i am sad that show is over :-(

  11. Omg Hollie first of all I am LOVING the new layout! It's awesome! (I've been so super busy with school I haven't had a chance to visit!) Anddd secondly, I LOVE football! I'm so with you on this one! :)

    sorelle in style

  12. I love all your reasons! Not that I need them (I'm a football lovin gal) but I always say I just go for the tight pants ;)


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