It's Blog Swapping Day!

A special treat today, friends! It's a blog swap with the wonderful Meg of Henning Love!

Take it away, Meg!

Hi everyone, I'm Meg from henning love and so happy to be blog swapping with Hollie today. She and I have become friends through another blogger friend and you know those girls you know you were just meant to be friends with and you click right away, yup that is how Hollie and I are! Hope you enjoy our swap today :-)

Since we both live in Southern California, we decided to talk about what it is like to live here.
I came to Southern California to attend college and haven't left since so that is coming up on 10 years. Wow, already, man the time flies!I always knew that I wanted to go to school in California somewhere, but wasn't set on living in the Southern California area, it just happened to be where the school is so there I went!
Living in Southern California is definitely a lot of fun, I love the weather here, it can be pretty hot in the summer especially where I live, which is right next to the foothills so we don't get a good breeze and the heat kinda settles into our area. But the winters are wonderful because we don't get snow, a little bit of cold weather, overall very enjoyable. 
I don't live in downtown LA or a cool, funky part of LA, sorry if anyone of you were hoping for that. I live in the suburbs in the eastern most part of the county, near the Raging Waters water park in San Dimas if any of you remember that from the movie, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. 

However, that doesn't stop me from getting out there and exploring all that southern California has to offer! I love being able to go hiking in the hills near my home, or going down to the beach to ride bikes.

 One thing about Southern California that brings me down is the traffic. I don't like having to plan my daily schedule around the traffic, say for example if I took a day off from work and wanted to go out somewhere like down to the beach. It is a pain in the neck, the traffic in southern California but I refuse to let it run my life
so I avoid it! Fortunately, my morning commute is only 15 minutes and I never get stuck in traffic :-)
Living in Southern California, there is always something going on and you can never find yourself bored. Because all the cities are stacked right next to each other, you can drive and continue driving through a  new town without realizing it. One of my favorite summer activities as I posted about is going to an outdoor concert sponsored by a local city. All the surrounding cities do this each summer and I knew what night of the week each city holds their summer concert so if I can looking for something free to do, all I have to know is what city the free concert is at and we go! 
One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is the ease is taking a weekend trip up to the mountains to Big Bear or down to lovely San Diego, which is definitely one of my favorite cities. Whether you are a beach or mountain person, southern California will definitely allow you either of those choices and it doesn't take you very long to get there! 
I like southern California for the variety of activities available, whether you are a sports fan and want to see a baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer or football(only in San Diego) game, or you want to hang out at the beach. You will never grow tired of things to do in the southern California area.
Living in Southern California has definitely been a great experience, with plenty to do! Of course the food is great too, like Mexican food. I love my Mexican food either it is just chips and salsa

or fish tacos!

Thanks for blog swapping Hollie, this was a lot of fun! We must do this again, if anyone else is interested in blog swapping, please email me!


  1. Wow this was such a fun read. Reading yours and hers! You should definitely do this more often. I especially loved this because I'm a socal girl too =)

    - Sarah

  2. (my computer just messed up so i'm trying this again) great post meg! i have never been to cali but it sounds lovely. we love mexican food here too. New Mexico has the authentic stuff. I'm sure Cali does too. P.S. Hollie- I put your giveaway win in the mail today!

  3. So fun Meg! Loved hearing more about where you live.

  4. Meg! I didn't realize you are in San Dimas, I thought you were in SD! I grew up in Chino just over the hill :) Such a small world!

  5. I'm a native Texan, but I'm convinced I was born to be a Southern California girl. In loooove with it!

  6. sigh. just makes me miss living in california.

  7. Yay for blog swaps! the traffic would totally get me down. But man I miss mexican food.

    Australia does not do mexican!

  8. All the reasons why I love California too! Though I do have to sit in the traffic :/


  9. I agree! There is always something to do. I love it!


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