I never went to a high school dance. Not a homecoming. Not a fall ball. Not my senior prom.

I don't exactly regret it because at the time I didn't have a huge desire to go. I didn't cry when dance night came, I was out with my friends. And I had fun. However, I do remember thinking maybe I should just go because it's one of those "milestones" that everyone goes through. It's what you're supposed to do, right? Sometimes, I still wonder if I should have made it important to go.

I know, you're asking yourself but why?

Let's back up. Everyone has an awkward stage. Mine lasted from 8th to 10th grade. My freshman year I hung out with the "bad girls" who most of the time weren't that "bad" to begin with. Most of those girls ended up moving at the end of my freshman year and I didn't really have a new friend group at the start of the following school year. Awkward girls feel awkward at dances.

Needless to say, my sophomore year of school I met a few girls that I really liked. Funny thing is, we're still all friends ten years later! I met my first boyfriend the summer before my junior year. Then, he moved to prep school on the East Coast. TRAGEDY when you're 15. I never went my junior year because I didn't want to go with anyone else. And, my close circle of friends didn't go either. I never felt like I was missing something my best friends were doing.

My senior year I dated a guy that had already graduated high school. Plus, I thought I was too cool for school. I felt like most of the kids who were going to "peak" in high school were worried about prom and I wasn't going to "peak" back then. So I didn't go. Neither did my group of close friends. Our weekends were filled with our friends from a rivalry school.

When I worked in the kids department at Nordstrom I LOVED helping teenagers find their dance outfits. I loved the sparkle in their eye when they found that perfect dress. The confidence they got to let go of being a teenager and just have fun. It's moments like that made me wonder if I missed out.

(Mom, if you're reading this...I don't want to hear "I told you so" or any form of it!)

If I were a high school student going to homecoming this is how I'd do it:

Did you go to homecoming? What was your favorite dance outfit in high school?


  1. i was totally awkward in school too! i was so so shy. love that look!! i never went to homecoming though so i didn't have a favorite outfit:)

  2. my friends were all of the popular people in high school, the cheerleaders, football players, class president, homecoming queen, etc. i wasn't any of those things and had no desire to be. i hated high school but i did love the dances. we didn't have a homecoming dance but had a christmas formal and prom. i didn't go to my senior prom but i went to my boyfriend's who went to another high school in my district. i actually bought my dress in huntington beach the summer before prom that year. something random and funny - when i lived in HB a friend and i went to south coast and tried prom dresses just for fun. honestly, you didn't miss out much other than the dress. but i'd imagine at some point in your life you're going to wear an even more beautiful dress. :)

  3. I really liked dressing up for dances, but my friends and I definitely didn't take it as seriously as some of the girls in our school. They would get limos, fake nails, super expensive everything, fancy dinners, and we kind of just went to dance and have fun. And my senior prom was majorly drama-filled, and my BFF and I both ended up ditching our dates and fleeing. It was very CW-teen-soap-opera material, haha! In retrospect it was pretty hilarious, and I still have very fond memories of my junior prom, which was way less dramatic!

  4. Yeah, I went to a lot of my high school dances...but you know what the funny thing is? The actual dance part was never very much fun...the getting dressed up and going out with your friends was the fun part, so I don't think you missed out on anything, girl! But that might be why I like to get dressed up for pretty much everything I can...(c: Dances are definitely not my best memories from high school and it sounds like you made out pretty good in high school in the friend department...I don't really keep in touch with a single person from high school!

  5. I worked in the kids department at Nordstroms too! Well technically the infant and toddlers section, but I would help out in the girls department when they needed me.

    - Sarah

  6. I loved going to all the school dances and such because it allowed that really girly side of me to wear fancy dresses and just be happy. I don't have too many opportunities to get dressed up now, and I kind of miss it. dress shopping and getting ready with my friends were always the best parts. :] you just have to head in with the attitude "I'm going to have fun. I don't care about the rest of the nonsense" because really, it's not a rare thing for people to overthink homecoming or prom.

  7. If you had gone, you would be looking back at the horrible dresses you wore and you would still be putting together "what i should have worn to prom" ensembles.

    Fact. :-)

  8. I had this one homecoming dress that I just loved. I still love that thing.

    For me, though, the best part was getting ready to go to the dance and going out to eat with friends. So I don't think you missed that much.

    I really love that hair, btw!

  9. let me tell you... high school dances and I were not friends! I should have learned after the first one... after breaking out in hives. but noooo, i HAD to go to my senior prom with my high school sweetheart(even though we were broken up). The night ended in arguments. lovely. I will say that my prom dress was my favorite... a big poofy ball gown of a dress in pale pink and rhinestones. I was a total princess (in pink jack purcells).

  10. i love your homecoming outfit hollie that hairstyle is gorgeous. i didn't go to homecoming because my school was an all girls school and the local boys school didn't have a football team. i don't feel like i missed out on much though

  11. Love that dress!
    I went to a magnet school for health professions, so we didn't even have homecoming! We didn't have football, basketball, soccert, etc. All our dances were small holiday ones, which I did go to. And we did have prom. But I kind of feel like I missed out on the "real" high school experience! Hence the reason I chose a giant state school for college haha.

  12. I was an akward chil up till junior year, but i still went to every single homecoming and dance! My favorite one was definitely prom. I had a gorgeous dress from Jessica McClintock, that i still wear to this day for fancy events

  13. I was so awkward in high school! I was insecure and just plan awkward! I went to homecoming, and I think my absolute favorite dress was a Jessica McClintock it was very form fitting and seafoam green. I went with my high school boyfriend, but still high school dances are awkward!

  14. what an awesome post! I think you should go out, buy that outfit, hit up a club and pretend its your prom!

    i went to all the dances. It actually wasnt anything THAT amazing like you read about or see in movies. People were drunk and acting stupid at prom, the food was eh, and the king/queen were obvious choices! but I am glad I was a lot of fun to dance with your friends the weeks before you graduate and go to college!

    but i wouldn't sweat life is SO much more fun than highschool life


  15. I definitely think you should attend something that you could get dressed up for!! I always loved going to homecomings and proms!


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