A dramatic post about hot yoga

I totally thought this was going to be me last night.

Instead I heard, "people pass out all the time. It's okay."

Ummmm....excuse me?

Since when is passing out normal?

Oh, it's normal at Bikram yoga...or the stinky hot yoga.

I went last night to Bikram for the first time.

And yes, the room smelled like feet but you get used to that. Just embrace it.

I've done hot yoga before (not at Bikram) and don't remember being as intense.

Either my buffalo chicken sandwich for lunch at Subway yesterday got to me or Bikram is like the bar test of yoga classes.

So yes, I'm going to go again on Monday because I want to give it a fair chance to change my body ;). I'm sore in places I didn't know could be sore! I thought I didn't even get a good work out because I missed a few poses from wanting to throw up from the heat.

But boy was I wrong!

Have you done hot yoga before?


  1. I LOVE Bikram yoga but it is definitely intense! I am the least flexible person in the world, and I like that the heat helps with that. Sometimes the heat is a little much but I find that when I do it consistently that I sort of get used to it and actually enjoy sweating so much! I also like that all the classes are structured the same, like the same poses in the same order every time, because I enjoy knowing what to expect...the first class if DEFINITELY the hardest though!

  2. Hollie! I posted about hot yoga today, too! It kicked my booty last night!! But I love it...can't get enough. I've been going 3 days a week for the last few weeks and few sooo good after each class. Even if I am sore as all get out!

  3. I've been wanting to try hot yoga for a while now! One of my best friends keeps trying to get me to go but I'm nervous! haha

  4. My husband does Bikram ever day. Today he actually did his 51st day of it. Seriously. He swears by it. Not only has it really improved his flexibility and balance but his anxiety as well.

    He swears by it.

  5. Oh man, hot yoga is intense! I went a few times while out in San Diego last Fall. You feel so great afterwards but getting there is hard work!


  6. Haaaa!! I just posted something about my yoga experience. About my fear of farting in the midst of it all. Ufda. How much would that suck? But maybe Bikram hot yoga is where I belong. The smell would be less noticeable. ;)

  7. I'm too scared for this. Especially after reading this post, haha. But hey, go you!!

  8. I've done it and I love it. I just need to drag my sorry ass back to the studio. haha. it's been a long time. I'll probably will have a near-passing-out episode!

  9. I did hot yoga for about a year prior to moving to a new area and I really, really miss it. For me, practicing in a warm (or hot!) room made my muscles looser and I found it easier to get into deeper poses. Just give it time and you'll continue to adjust. Prepare all day for it--drink lots of water and you won't feel as gross as you may have last night! Don't give up!

  10. ive been wanting to try! but am terrified of passing out/throwing out... or both at the same time!

    where do you go??

  11. I did hot yoga last fall for a few months. I really enjoyed the daily sweat, but didn't really see any results so I quit. I did become quite flexible though.

  12. Bahaha sounds exactly like my one Bikram experience! Definitely had to sit a few poses out because I was about to die. My biggest issue with Bikram is that I just don't have 90 mins to dedicate to a workout class - I wish there were shorter classes!

  13. Really is this post is nice. I have done bikram yoga and I love it very much.


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