Five Things You Probably Don't Care About

Oh hey! Remember, me? It's only been about five thousand years since I last posted. Okay, maybe I'm exxagerating. It was last Tuesday. Anyhow, it's been quite the eventful week. So here's five things for you.

1.  I got rear-ended last week. At a stop sign. Homegirl claims she wasn't texting, but I don't know how you crash into someone going that fast unless you were texting. Anywho, I've had a badass Dodge Challenger this entire week while my poor little Civic is being repaired.

2. The boyfriend and I have been cooking some delicious meals lately. Does homemade red pepper and goat cheese alfredo pasta sound good to you? I thought so. That's why I'm posting the recipe manana. (That's tomorrow in spanish. See school taught me something!).

3. I'm literally obsessed with West Elm these days. Mostly the light fixtures. And pillows. And night stands. And dining room stuff. Except I don't think I could bring myself to pay those prices. Someone give me a furniture allowance when you win the lottery!

4. The past few months for me can be defined as rut. It's a weird transition time for me before the next stage in my life and I couldn't be more ready to make those changes. However, as frustrating and trying as those feelings can be, I couldn't be more grateful for TODAY. Right now. I have so many things to look forward to in the next week or so and I'm really lucky to have so many blessings right now.

5. The new season of Game of Thrones starts next Sunday! Is anyone else beyond pumped? It's definitely one of the best shows on television. Who agrees with me?


  1. love this saying!

  2. SO PUMPED for Game of Thrones!!!

  3. I want that recipe AHORA (see, I learned stuff in school too!)

  4. That pasta sounds soooo good! And I love West Elm! I just bought a desk lamp from there for my office (and had to avoid buying everything in the store while I was at it)! I hope you're not hurt from the accident!

  5. I cannot wait for the new season of Game of Thrones! The trailer with MS MR's "Bones" gives me chills every time!

  6. I got hit by a teenager girl just last week! She was paying 0 attention to where she was going. What is it with these girls??


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