Five Mundane Things

1. Has this week been the longest week ever or has it not? I could barely roll out of bed this morning. I had a midterm this week (another next!) but this week has just dragged and dragged. It seems like everyone else has had the same issue. Hallelujah for Friday!

2. About a year ago I started to watch the first episode of Downton Abbey and couldn't get into it. Maybe I couldn't get past the accents, or maybe I was surfing blogs while I was watching. But nonetheless, I gave it another shot due to some peer pressure and finished the first season in one night when the boyfriend was out of town. (It's only seven episodes). I really liked it! I am on season  two and even though I accidentally saw a spoiler about Lady Sybil (UGHHH!) I am still about four episodes in. For those of you have men that watch this do you get them to like it?? I'm confused.

3. I heard Jason Segal and Michelle Williams broke up. I'm heart broken. I really thought those two were going to go the distance. They seemed so happy. Sigh.

4. Last night I pinned about twenty recipes. Lately, I have been MORE obsessed with food. Maybe this is because I'm on a weekday diet, or maybe it's because I have an increasing urge to cook fancy things. Either way, I have food brain. It's borderline insane. I thought about deleting this blog and starting a food blog but then I realized I doubt anyone would read it. I already came up with the blog title: Eat this to get fat. Charming, right? Guess that's not happening....

5. I'm giving away a Sephora gift card on another blog next week. Stay tuned....I know you want to buy some Benefit makeup! Okay, you can buy whatever you want...but Benefit has a few products I'm dying to try/buy.

Did anyone else cry on the inside about Jason and Michelle?


  1. Um, yes. I'm really upset about Jason and Michelle! Michelle and little Matilda deserve to be happy (RIP Heath Ledger, still one of my favorite actors!). And Jason Segel is hilarious. They were such a random, cute, happy couple so I'm definitely in the same boat as you!
    -Frances @ Keynotes

  2. New follower from the Penniless Socialite giveaway! Thanks so much for participating! :)

    My husband loves Downton! Part of it is the history they weave into it with WWI, the roaring twenties, and Titanic sinking etc. He is a history freak, so he loves that part. Maybe you could use that for your man? :)


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