True Life: I'm Dating an Apple Fanboy

Some of you know that I'm dating an apple fanboy/software engineer (he makes apps for the iPhone). Since I don't know many other people dating "computer nerds" (except Tammy!) I've decided to spread the word about how awesome they are. They're smart, on top of new technology trends, and have a really simple clothing style. You never have to worry about not having the latest clothing brand when gift giving occasions come up. I once proclaimed during the height of the Affliction phase I wanted to date a guy that wore plain color t-shirts and polos. My wish came true ;)

So, how do you know if you've got one on your hands?

Yes, he really is Face-timing HIMSELF.

+When you're live texted with every new product/feature at the Apple events

+When you hear "I will only support one software generation back" more than once. You had better update, girl!

+When you've seen multiple Steve Jobs documentaries

+When you watched a video game competitor documentary on Valentines Day. (Next year, we saw the Vow)

+When Steve Jobs responded to his email. (Only one word, but still awesome in my book)

+When you have to test new updates on apps for bugs

+When you visit the Apple store to check out new products

+When you suddenly start getting overly excited about new phones and new phone updates (HELLO PHOTO STREAM!!!!)

+When you start recognizing the CEOs of Yahoo, Apple, Google etc.

+When you never have to worry about finding somewhere to charge your phone

Trust me, they are keepers.

+There's a blog hop with NO REQUIREMENTS to link up happenin around these parts on Friday. And two fantastic blogs are co-hosting with me! Hope you'll join us :)

+Do you blog? One of my good friends is doing a research project at school for her communication class on bloggers. I'd LOVE it if you helped her (us) out and took five minutes to take BOTH of these surveys. Part One and Part Two


  1. took the survey!

    i find myself playing on my mac while scrolling through my iphone at the same time... serious i have to stop

  2. This is awesome- sometimes I wish I was dating a technology inclined dude. I'm following now from the Blog hop and hope you'll stop by and do the same :)
    xo, Sarah

  3. i took BOTH surveys (:

    and no, i am nowhere near married to a tech guy, but justin IS a mechanic/fixer of all things..?

    oh, and when does the blog hop go live? im leaving tomorrow morning for SF, but i still want to participate!!!

  4. We are big apple fans in our household too!Thanks for linking up to Followers to Friends hop! Hope you found some cool new bloggy friends. I've followed you back xo


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