Follow Friday!

It's Follow Friday! It's time to link up and get your blog hop on. Aaaaand lucky for me (and you) both Tammy and Jessica are co-hosting with me today!

How to participate:

There are no minimum requirements to what you need to do to link up! However, I would appreciate it if you found atleast 3-5 new blogs you'd LIKE to follow and follow them via Google Friend Connect (GFC). Comment and let them know you found them thru Follow Friday! This way, the purpose of this project actually works!

Please spread the word through twitter/instagram/your blog...the more people that link up the more new blogs we have to follow! :)

Fashion/Beauty blogs:

Lifestyle Blogs: Leave me a comment saying you follow me with your blog link and I'll be sure to follow you back :)


  1. Linking up for Follow Friday. :) Just found you from Jessica's blog and am now following along!

  2. Thanks for having me co-host with you this time around, giiiirl :)

  3. Just linked up! Thanks for the head ups yesterday.

    PS - I stole your facts idea for my blog post today. Hope you don't mind :)


  4. Just linked up for the first time! Been following your blog for a while, and finally have joined Follow Friday!


  5. Yay! Just linked up & off to check out some bloggers!!! I love finding new blogs! Have a great weekend =)

  6. Hey! Just joined Follow friday and followed you! ;) lovely way to connect with other bloggers! thanks! Anna-Rosa from


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