.1. I want to go back to Hawaii. Badly. Warm waters, beautiful sunsets, peace.
.2.  Starbucks date with a girlfriend. I love my "sugar drinks" and bagels.
.3. New Nikes...on sale!

.4. In and Out...because I have an addiction and so does Jeff.
.5. Lemon cupcake from my Mom! I would have never picked that flavor out but it was amazing.
.6. At Rough Draft Brewery...and I kept calling it Rough House Brewery. I grew up surrounded by boys, obviously.

.7. Top of Mt. uneasy miles there and back. Ouch.
.8. New ring courtesy of my lovely cousin for my birthday :)
.9. We saw Memphis last night and it was a brilliant play. I love love loved it. It may have been better than Wicked.

((Linkin up with Anna today. You should too. I used my grid with the app "picframe" it's on the last page))


  1. 1. Me too.
    2. Me too.
    3. Me too…just kidding. I love your new nikes! Now get in the gym. :)
    4. This is torture. 2 weeks and counting!
    5. I giggled at this bc lemon is my mom's favorite anything. But it does sound good! (i don't discriminate against cupcakes)
    6. I like the name Rough House better.
    7. This picture scares me. Go you for making that trek!
    8. Pretty!
    9. Better than Wicked?? I've never heard of this Memphis. Glad you had fun.

    10. Thanks for linking up!

  2. i love sugar drinks and bagels too!!
    and i would LOVE to take a trip to hawaii! that would be amazing!

  3. What's Memphis about? I have not heard of this one..

  4. whoa - picture 7 is mental - are people actually allowed to stand up there? crazy horse!


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