If you really knew me..

-You'd know I'm a cat lady. My new years resolution was to pet this really elusive Himalayan that lives at the bottom of the street my boyfriend lives on. We call him "The smoky kitty" or "Pierre" we think maybe he's a frenchmen.

-You'd know I get stressed out, in my life when it rains it pours, and I'm fighting to make something of my life.

-You'd know when I get really frustrated, I cry. Hate that.

-You'd know my favorite store is Nordstrom. I got three gift cards for my birthday. Maybe I need to find some other favorites??

-You'd know my sense of humor is cheesy, ironic, sarcastic....but mostly ironic. Sometimes bad things happen and I just laugh at how ridiculous it is.

-You'd know my dream vacation is to go to Alaska. Or London. I never was one to dream of tropical vacations.

-You'd know I'm a wimp, I play it safe, and I'm a rule follower. Always have been, always will be.

-You'd know I'm an introvert. I like being alone sometimes, I need my "me" time, and I value good/real friendships over a lot of superficial friendships.

-You'd know I secretly want to be a redhead.

-You'd know that sometimes I'm competitive and comparative, two of the worst things one can be.

-You'd know that I hate shopping sometimes, because I hate/love the feeling of a new outfit. Why should a new outfit boost my mood or make me feel cuter? That's dumb.

-You'd know I know enough to get by in a lot of subjects, but I'm an expert to few.

-You'd know I consider myself "moderate" in politics. I believe in generosity and help when it's needed, but don't believe in laziness. The two extremes are what is ruining our country in my opinion.

-You'd know I have a sensitive stomach, have some form of IBS I'm sure, and sometimes I just have to "lie" down due to nausea.

-You'd know I can't own a pair of expensive sunglasses because I break and lose them constantly.

-You'd know I wish I could play the piano and plan on taking lessons at some point.

-You'd know I'm a dancer, with little training. I specialize in car dancing.

-You'd know I'm thoughtful, a multi-tasker to a fault, and a planner.

-You'd know I worry when I shouldn't, worry when I should, and worry sometimes so much I have anxiety.

-You'd know I believe happiness and joy are a choice and there are many days I have to choose to be happy.

-You'd know I can think myself in a nonexistent problem.

-You'd know that I've given one too many second chances and sometimes that makes me jaded.

-You'd know I'm seriously considering sponsoring a child in Ethiopia. But I'm skeptical of giving money to a non profit after hearing and reading the scrutiny of Invisible Children. That scrutiny has a point. Do you know how much your non profit support goes to the cause?

-You'd know I love kids...but am in no rush to have some of my own.

-You'd know I try to "play it cool" about most everything, not sure why. My friends make fun of me for "playing it cool" about my relationship of 2.5 years or "playing it cool" about a raise or accomplishment.

-You'd know I didn't think of this "if you really knew me" idea and it's been floating around the blogosphere :)


  1. I'm planning on doing one of these posts...I love them!
    And after reading your list, it's very apparent that we have a lot in common. Which means that someday, somehow we're going to meet in person, hang out and it's going to be awesome. Yeah? :) Okay, good.


  2. I feel like I know you pretty well. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano too. But I have tiny hands..you should definitely take lessons and wow with your skills. Let's go to London!

  3. Jon and I were just talking about wanting to go to London yesterday!!

    I think I learned a few new things... I didn't see anything about your rage towards birds though?! ;)

  4. Nordstrom and I are totally bff's.....and Alaska or London? Why you like the tropical places?? :) I also loved everything you said about happiness and "playing it cool," both so me. :)

  5. Reading this makes me think we'd be great friends - not the superficial kind either! I am so on the same page as you about me time and having a few great friends rather than a whole ton of people you know and say are friends. I'd love to be a red head but like you I'm blonde. Blah. Boring... It's great getting a peek into who you really are :) I saw this topic somewhere last week and am planning on posting mine soon! What a cool topic ;)

  6. I just love reading everyone's post like this. Love learning more about everyone!! You and me both on the "play it cool" thing.

  7. Love this post. The cat, Pierre, so funny. I hate when I start crying because I am stressed, it feels good, at least we're not screaming. That could be bad.

    Have a great day!

  8. I love these sort of posts, I'm going to do one myself :) x

  9. bahaha I am still laughing over the first one. I've met many an elusive cat that I've wanted to pet. And this Himalayan is so obviously a Frenchman!! I hope you succeed soon!

  10. New follower! :) I share most of those same sentiments! Awesome blog!


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