Because I love lists.

26 before 26 (is over) 
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Yes, that's me. Such a little devil.

.1. Get toned up. Let's see some thigh, arm, and oblique definition.

.2. Graduate college!!!! 6-7 classes left, people!

.3. Finally make that blog name change jump I've been thinkin about.

.4. Stop being lazy and take some real photos for the blog without buying a DSLR.

.5. Go to TWO country concerts.

.6. Get my butt to Phoenix to see a friend who moved there.

.7. Dabble in some photo shop.

.8. Go to the central coast with the boyfriend and talk him into a longer vacation too. COUGH, reading this Jeffrey??

.9. Really learn about nutrition. I really don't know much. And what starches are? I don't know I just know a potato is one.

.10. Watch the Lord of the Rings series.

.12. Finish the first Game of Thrones book.

.13. Wear a bright lipstick out one night.

.14. Go to a Chargers game.

.15. Stop drinking pop soda.

.16. Get apple pie in Julian, California.

.17. Teach Genevieve how to say the word "black" through FaceTime. I taught Lauren's daughter Brielle how to say black and I'm not even sure how. It's only fair I teach her new baby how to say it too.

.18. Be able to run a mile without stopping.

.19. Become zit hear me Mr. Dermatologist? That prescription sucks and stop telling me "wait it out"

.20. NOT cut my hair, 1/4 an inch trim only.

.21. Possibly be a unicorn for Halloween. Or something equally fabulous.

.22. Use my thank you cards!

.23. Learn to love sitting in traffic.

.24. Make sun dried tomatoes from scratch. And put those bad boys on a homemade pizza.

.25. Do sparklers at midnight on NYE. Let's hope I don't light my hair on fire.

.26. Sponsor a kid in Africa.

Would you do any of these?

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  1. I LOVE to become zit-free...but how do you go about doing that? I'm totally with you on learning to love sitting in traffic, though!

    1. LOL I have no clue...but if I find out I'll tell you girl!

  2. your number one is at the top of my life to-do list.
    #2 will hopefully be happening next May! [knock on wood]

    #13 - I love me some bright lipstick :) if you're not a huge lipstick person normally, might I suggest the Revlon lip butters? I'm totally obsessed - I have like 5 different shades. they provide really good color, but they feel like a lip balm, which is really nice. 'cause really, lipstick can be a big pain to mess with and most days I'm just feeling too lazy.

  3. I would love to become zit-free too! I swear my skin is worse at 28 than it was at 15. I was on a cocktail of bc pills, antibiotics and a prescription cream for 6 months, and it didn't work, so I went back to my simple routine (cetaphil 2x a day, clean and clear topical acne medication, and Oil of Olay face lotion) and it seems to be getting better... #1 and #9 are ongoing projects of mine too!

  4. #23...YEAH let me know how that works out for you hahaha!
    And also tell me how you managed to do it ;)

    And please be a unicorn for Halloween and post lots & lots of pictures :)

    Thanks for the shout out, giiiirl!

    Happy weekend...yesss!

  5. we've been sponsoring a kiddo in Haiti for a while now...check out Mission of Hope! Wonderful organization!!!

  6. One of my goals is to read the first Game of Thrones book by the end of the year!! haha! I hope we can do it!!

  7. i love your 26 before 26! i was doing a 30 before 30 but maybe i'll make one for earlier than that!

  8. i've been lazy WITH my DSLR. time to get back at it! Also, apple pie in Julian!? Yeah... that;s on my list too!

  9. This is awesome. I love it. I have four classes left and I will finally have my Bachelor's degree!
    I stopped drinking soda for years. Then started back. Now I'm battling to stop again!

  10. 4,5,6 you can knock out in one shot! 4. ryan has a DSLR so you can use his if u visit and take some awesome desert pics 5. knock half of this out :) we are long overdue for a country concert together 6. my favorite of course :) cant wait for u to come out here!


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