How To: Polka Dot Polish

You'll need:
-Two colors of nail polish...or more!
-A ziplock bag
-A nail
-Optional pencil

Pick yo colors! You'll need two colors...or more!?

Use color A to paint all of your nails. Let dry.

Grab a ziplock bag. Use color B and paint a little blob or two onto the ziplock bag.

Use the back end of a nail (NOT THE POINT!!!) and dip it in color b a few times.

If you prick yourself with the point, I may cry. Save me the tears ;)

You can also stick the pointy end of the nail into the eraser of a pencil if you want a little more control! It's like a giant nail/writing utensil.

Press onto dry nails. Be careful to use a steady hand otherwise the dots will be too big.

It may take you a few tries to get the dots right so be prepared to start over with a pre swiped cotton pad with nail polish remover.

Top coat!

I needed to touch up with a cotton swab drenched in nail polish remover since I always get polish on my cuticles.

If I can do it....youuuu can do it! :)


  1. man, if only i have 1. patience 2. the job where i don't use wash my hands all the time, then I would DO THIS LIKE RIGHT NOW! But I think i'm gonna do these on my toes. hee hee.

  2. super cute! i've been meaning to do some polka dot nails

  3. Love it. Probably going to have to give this a try...tonight!

  4. SO AWESOME! i just did this last week but used a bobby pin end! i need to try it with the nail. This came out ADORBS hollie!!


  5. This is genius! Thanks for sharing!


Thank YOU for your comments. <3