Links I Loved.

I've been REALLY inspired by a few blog posts this week so I thought I'd share what made me smile.

This guest post at Glass and Sable by Anna is such a FUN series post (SUCH a great idea!) I loved learning little home/closet/tool secrets about A and others. And Glass and Sable is an ADORABLE blog. Just beautiful.

This post by Stephanie about enjoying the moment in your relationship was refreshing. I've been loving her blog lately. Like read it every other day lately.

This post by Raven made me DIE of laughter. Honestly, I go to Raven's blog when I'm having a bad day. 

This post by Shalyn about being hard on ourselves just spoke to my heart. I'm such a lurker on her blog. I never comment. I wish I did because I think she's awesome. #stalker.

This post by Ashley made me want to quit my job, empty my bank account, buy a one way to ticket to Maui, and never look back.

Also, I'm GIVING AWAY an ad space on my blog for the month of July at Jenni's blog today so go enter enter!!

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I don't know who Ashley is, but I'm going to read that post because I want to quit my job, empty my bank account and buy a one way ticket to Maui!

    ....but seriously.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. TGIF Hollie!!!! Thanks for sharing the links you loved! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Love this post! Excited to check out these girls/links! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love these links! Thanks for sharing!

  5. aww, this is such a great idea! I will check out all these links!

  6. hey.. thanks for including me lady! and, i must say, if you NEED a partner to quite their job and also buy a one ticket to never look back at the mainland again, well... you can always call me! i mean, i have friends there now.. the roadside fruit stand peeps.. and the tiki carver (which i havent posted about yet..)

    oh.. and stevie nicks..

    i mean, maui hook ups, right? soo... how's next thursday for you? ill get our tickets right now (;

  7. ok I have always loved Ravens blog.. but lately.. she's just gone over and above! ps WHEN is our date going to be? We are a one car family now (we sold one) so you'll get to meet my husband too :) and you can bring Jeff!

  8. I have been an MIA commenter on your blog, but I am still here! just wanted to let you know! and I will answer your email ASAP! sorry ! I am bad :/


  9. Thanks lady for including my feature post! Seriously, such a good blog.

  10. Thanks for mentioning Glass and Sable! It sure was a pleasure having Anna on there! ♥


Thank YOU for your comments. <3