How To: Relaxed beach waves

.1. Turn on flat iron to HOT!! You will need the heat or this won't work very well. This is a no brainer, but make sure your hair is DRY. Please don't fry your wet hair on my account. I did this on second day hair.

.2. Part hair into sections (thick hair may need more sections).

.3. Braid each section and fasten with a rubber band.

.4. Flat iron each braid starting at the top of the braid. Make sure to go slow. I actually found I got a better wave if I clamp and hold the top of the braid, move down to the next section of that same braid, and so on down to the hair tie. Do not untie. Repeat to same braid so each section of the braid is clamped twice.

.5. Move on to next braid and repeat step 4.

.6. Repeat until each braid has been "clamped" four times (or two rounds of two series of clamps!)

.7. Using a lightweight hairspray, get six-twelve inches away and spray your entire head lightly.

.7. Wait a few minutes.

.8. Undo braids.

.9. You're done!

I like my "beach" waves more on the hippie side, so it becomes a really loose wave like the photo above. You can do more clamps or even blast with a blow dryer after the hairspray for more of a defined wave. If you want something kinda crazy, after clamping you can even wrap the braids LOOSELY around a curling wand. (Make sure the wraps aren't too close to one another on the wand)

My hair waves pretty easily except for the top of my head ((where it counts)).

This braid trick does it perfectly!

Good luck and I'd love to hear your feedback :)


  1. willllllllll be trying this!!!!! :)


  2. Perfect summer hair!


  3. This is amazing! Hahah I saw a tutorial in a magazine a few years ago that said to just mist it with salt water and it'd turn out perfect. Needless to say, that didn't work out for me.

  4. I LOVE braids so this will be an easy one for me. So happy about this new discovery.

  5. gotta try this because my hair REFUSES to do the beachy thing.. unless, of course, im at the beach..

  6. whooooa. i've never thought of this. such a good idea.

  7. I've totally done this before and it def works pretty well if you have the patience! I might have to try this again when I'm on maternity leave and not wanting to shower as often hahaha.

  8. I am so glad this was your experience. I did this to my hair and it came out crimpy. Bummer.

  9. Love that look - wish my hair was long enough!! ;)

  10. I've been meaning to try this! Thanks for this reminder. Maybe next time I take a shower and wash my hair I will try this…haha who knows when that'll be!

  11. ohh i definitely need to try this!!

  12. i haven't tried this yet, does it work w thin hair? i'm afraid i'll get too much of a crimp.

    what do you mean by clamp on each section? i'm confused.


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