San Diego Italian Film Festival

Last Thursday I went to the San Diego Italian Film Festival's monthly film screening at the MOPA in Balboa Park. I was given the cutest little basket with a bottle of Italian wine, possibly the best cheese I've ever had, and these yummy sweet crisps. To say the basket embodied what I believe Italy to be, would be a completely true statement. I'm visiting Rome this summer and this made me so anxious! The film Sentire I'aria was unlike any movie I could have rented at the store or found on Netflix. It was a great experience about a modern teenage boy's quest for inner peace through his unique hobby and passion. It is an artsy film but I know if you normally don't see indie films or documentaries and you give Sentire I'aria a chance you will relate to this young man's self journey.

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  1. That sounds so fun, I wish my city did something like that!


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