I'm uncomfortable.

Who hates being uncomfortable? Raise your hand.


What makes me uncomfortable?

These things:

Reptiles. Of all kinds. This is why I can't go to Aruba.
Leggings as pants.
Public speaking.
Too much information on Facebook. In blog posts? Hell yeah!
Forced conversation.
Wearing shorts to work. I just can't do it!
Wearing bare shoulders to church. I feel like a floozy!
Jeans that accidentally go in the dryer.
Starting a new job! It's the good uncomfortable but oh so nerve wrecking.
The Broncos winning the AFC West. Yeah, that should NEVER happen. ;)
Big, aggressive dogs.
People with naturally good hair. WHY!?
Shots. I dread them these days.
Intolerance for gays.
Gossip via text messages.
The "so when are you getting married?" question. Uh, none of your beeswax. When I feel like it. When the time is right. When I say so, not when you think I should say so. (Sorry Mom.)

What makes you uncomfortable?


  1. Ugh, forces conversations are the worst! I feel ya girl...

  2. i get the "when are you getting married?" question all the time! i even got it when my guy and i first started dating!

  3. i love me some overalls- ill make sure to wear them next time i see you (;

  4. Your "when are you getting married" question reminded me of the "why aren't you having kids" question! None of your beeswax! Nothing like making a person uncomfortable.

  5. I just found your blog through the Blog every day in May challenge! I followed you on bloglovin! I'm really really happy to see someone else just did a giant list of random things they're uncomfortable with. I kept finding posts that were fairly serious and droned on. I was scared I was making light of something serious! Love your blog, I look forward to reading more!



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