This girl is clutter free.

If you're a consistent reader of this blog you know I mention "minimalism" often.

Yes, I'm obsessed with reading simple lifestyle, downsizing, organization, and minimalist blogs. (If there is any interest out there I can share my favorite ones!)

I can honestly say I'm VERY good at organizing.

So today I've compiled a how-to list of sorts to start your clutter free life!

And it's easy. Only five steps.

1. Pick a room. One room at a time. Only take on what you can right now.

2. Grab supplies. You'll need two boxes and one trash bag.

3. Label one box "keep" and one box "might need".

4. Now the hard part is getting into the mind set of needs. What constitutes a need? Is it useful? Honestly, how often do you use it? Is it beautiful? Do you love it? If any of the questions are no, you don't need it. Do you NEED 20 ratty towels? Probably not.

5. Separate your stuff! If you don't LOVE it and you don't USE it toss it into the trash bag. You can take this trash bag to the good will. If it's a keeper put it where it belongs. And if the keeper doesn't have a home put it in the keep box. You will find a home for it later.  Not sure if you use it enough to keep but don't want to toss it? Put it in the might need box. At the end of cleaning your room put the might need box in the garage or somewhere you can't see it. In six months you can visit the box again and make some tough decisions. Find a home for your keepers in the keeper box.

That's it.

Good luck!


  1. I really needed to read this! I am about to embark on a purge of my house and it's SO overwhelming!!! I love your idea on how to do it, it almost makes it feel do-able! Thanks! :)

  2. great information. I need to go room by room and do this. I am doing the May challenge too but could never give tips on how to organize, how too have too much stuff and be messy I've got that down.

  3. Ah! I need to do this in my room and kitchen, I probably have a few things I don't really need anymore. Great post and thanks for the reminder!


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