Story of My Life

Ah, the story of my life. 

You really want to know? And in one paragraph nonetheless!

I'm a navy brat from midwestern parents who went to five elementary schools before third grade. 

I've been lost, I've been found, and I've been on one hell of a self journey out west. (How I ache to mention Fido goes west right now.) 

Out west meaning I've lived in Southern California since I was seven and you'd have to tear me away to leave.  

I graduated with my AA in Merchandise Marketing from an arts school and am graduating with my BA in Communication this summer.

 I've been living it up, finding myself, battling obstacles, and loving life.

Oh yeah, and I'm a cat lady, wannabe zookeeper kind of girl.

What do I not know about you?


  1. You really did sum it up in 250 words or less :)

  2. yours is so short! at least you got all the good points! mine feels like a bad run on sentence.

  3. hi! i found your blog through jenni @ story of my life. i love your blog, and i loved reading your (short!) story! i'm a cat lady too. :)


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