On my heart

First off, I just wanted to give a shout out to the few readers that are still checking in around these parts! As much as I'd like to say my blogging drought has been the past few weeks months, I've been feeling unmotivated and clueless about what to blog about since around OCTOBER. 

Life has been hectic, challenging, and on a personal level I'm growing. All of these things are really exciting as they indicate change. Change is a great thing. And I have a lot of changes coming.

 I mysteriously mention minimalism sometimes on this blog (that word...AGAIN...) and am really no expert yet to be blogging how-tos and advice on the subject. 

However, I'm really, really interested in simplified living.

 To me, that means living well, living in the moment, living with intention, and decreasing the amount of emotional, mental, and physical clutter I have in my life. It means being intentional about what I buy and what I bring into my life. What I do with my time. How I support myself to be the best me I can.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for my passions. I love clothes, I love design, I love beautiful, well made things. I honestly do! It's been a struggle to find a balance between my love for shopping and my new drive for "less." The blog world doesn't match up with less. At least the blogs I read don't! Materialism is a disease, people. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)

 However, even as I'm diving into minimalism and simple living I will never buy my underwear at the thrift store. (In fact, thrifting grosses me out. Sorry.) For example, I bought Tory Burch flats a few months ago. I bought Hudson jeans on sale. So for me, quality does not have to go away to have less. For me, it means buying quality items I will use instead of massive amounts of cheap shirts and jewelry and shoes that sit in my closet and take over my sanctuary (my room). I'm a work in progress, and I definitely still have impulse buys. Because I'm well aware that looking good, feeling confident, and a new outfit go hand in hand. The feeling I get from all of that is hard to resist. 

I'm going to be making some changes in this blog and I hope that you'll stick around with me. Thanks again to everyone who still reads. Your comments make me happy and I promise to be more active in this wonderful community. I will still be posting fashion and home decorating stuff. Because like I said, I love and appreciate well made, beautiful things. I just plan on taking my blog into a more honest direction, one that's more "me" right now.


  1. I love seeing growth reflected in a blog, I think it's great! We don't stay the same as people so why would our blogs stay the same, right? I'm excited to see the changes because your blog is always interesting and always feels real. :)

  2. I really love anytime you post about living a minimalist lifestyle. I, too, am trying to be better about this. I get so excited to dejunk things around my apartment--whether it be donating to goodwill or just throwing something away! I'm trying to whittle things down so when I eventually get married, my boyfriend will have room to put his things! Perhaps you can continue to post about those kinds of things because you really have a knack for it! And they might be some of my favorite posts you write! :)

  3. Ditto with the thrifting--I can't stand the way things smell at thrift stores, but I'm all about upcycling if you can, anyway.

    Blah blah blah, what I really mean to say it, you're lovely and wonderful and we'll be here for you regardless of what you post about, 'cuz we love YOU.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store! :)

  5. It's crazy how you stumble upon things just at the right moment. I'm in the process of moving apartments right now and I seriously spent a good hour just sitting there staring at my crap thinking I need to get rid of everything. I want to go back to basics and live simply. A simple life is a happy life, right? And I totally agree with buying quality items vs mass amounts of cheap ones.

  6. I'm excited to see the direction you are taking with your blog! I am with you on thrifting - other people's stuff in general grosses me out. I know it sounds crazy but even moving into our house, I was so grossed out that other people had lived there and touched things. I realize I take this a little far. But I also agree that being mimimalistic but with quality items is so much more important!

  7. Hi Hollie! I'm just stopping by from Bon's blog! I found it funny that you're from San Diego because I literally JUST got home from a road trip there! I'll have to admit, I don't enjoy the streets there, way too confusing for a girl who is from Arizona and all the roads are on a grid, but it was GORGEOUS!
    This post is really inspiring though! Now that you have said it, I do agree that having less does not mean bad quality! It's nice that you think that way, but also makes me feel a little bit better about those splurges I make every once in a while.
    And my favorite is the living in the moment part! My blog name goes along with that (Inhabit Your Moments). I think it is so important!

  8. Love your thoughts on simplified living. I have to admit, though, I wish it were a little less simple so you would post more often! I feel like you have so much insight... I want to hear it all! :)


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