Is Blogging Strange?

So you know those people who divulge their inner most secrets on their Facebook status?

It's usually the Jerry Springer moments too, right?

Why is that a major no-no but in blogging it's totally cool?

I mean at least on Facebook you have control over who sees it.

But if you have a public blog, ANYONE can see it.

Lately I've been thinking about STRANGE blogging is.

Because by all textbook and logical ways of looking at it, blogging and blogging honestly is SO strange.

So many of us let anonymous people learn so much about ourselves by what we write here on our blogs.

Does that make us crazy?

Yes, probably.


From an emotional and spiritual level, blogging is way to reach people.

To inspire people.

To possibly change lives.

To possibly change our own lives.

Isn't that why we're all here? To blog. And change our lives. In the littlest way. Or even in the biggest way.

Whether that be connecting with people who you inspire or connecting with people who inspire you.

Blogging is strange. But I love it. So thank you, bloggers.


  1. I completely agree with you! When I get together with the amazing women I have met through blogging, I feel such a sense of community and friendship, yet when you talk to a non-blogger about how you blog? Well, in my experience at least, they look at you like you're crazy! I love blogging for all the reasons in the later part of your post: connecting, inspiring, being inspired! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  2. I can SO resonate with this. Blogging has changed my life - and not just because I now stop to take pictures to Instagram and stick on the blog later :) I've received some of the sweetest encouragement from absolute strangers and have gotten some incredible advice as well. My fiance and I even booked our honeymoon at a resort recommended by a fellow blogger. I love the joy that blogging brings.

  3. I thin it is a little weird that we share so much but I love it!! I do keep the url secret from IRL friends and family. Guess I prefer to share my life with strangers! BUT if someone happened to stumble on it I guess I'd be okay with it.

  4. I love this post. It is kind of strange! We put ourselves out there to the public, and lord knows who is reading this stuff! But I agree that it is a way to inspire others! I love reading blogs for that reason!

  5. my boyfriend thinks it is so strange and doesn't get it at all. it's slightly terrifying to think of who may be reading though.

  6. amen lady! blogging is so strange. but in the best and most breaking out of the box kind of way. it's real. and it's wonderful!


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