Best and Worst: Oscars

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Best. Naomi Watts is STUNNING. I loved her dress, it was glamourous, a little futuristic, and totally flattering. LOVE her.

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Worst. I feel bad putting Anne Hathaway as worst because I don't think her dress was as bad as everyone said it was. I LOVED her hair and the jewelry. The weird part about this dress is the boob pleats. No one wants cone boobs at the Oscars, Anne.

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I love Amanda Seyfried but I thought it was hilarious my boyfriend said her hair was "weird" and looked like "mortal combat".

Who was best dressed in your opinion?


  1. Ann is so beautiful I hated seeing her in what looked like a 90s prom dress. But I totally disagree about Amanda Seyfried's hair. I think it was gorgeous!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. I thought Naomi Watts was PERFECTION.

    ...and i couldn't tell if anne's issue was nips or darts...but I agree that it really wasn't THAT bad.

  3. Im disagreeing with everyone when I saw I didn't like Naomi's dress. If it were all covered up top, or all sweetheart neckline, then yes. But I'm not a fan of it being completely random like that.

    Anne was definitely worst dressed. 90s prom at it's finest. Maybe I think this because I just can't stand her.

  4. I couldn't decide if I liked Naomi's dress or not. The verdict is still out on that one, but I can tell you that Anne's dress was definitely the worst. The boob pleats were bad. Really bad. And she's so pretty! But I loved Amanda Seyfried's hair. She looked gorgeous in my opinion! I really liked Amy Adams' dress!

  5. naomi was beyond gorgeous! loved it! & i am a huge fan of jennifer garners plum dress. & anne, oh dear. her dress was not one of my favorites. & amanda seyfried's hair was so pretty, even if looked like mortal combat according to her bf! ha

  6. cone boobs LOL

    so true. those coneys looked weird on her

    naomi looked amazing! also jennifer anniston. that damn woman gets hotter every year!!!!!!!



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