Hey, Boston

I want to be in you.


I want to be with you.


You know what I mean. I am dying to visit BOSTON!

I love to travel. It's definitely a priority of mine. There are SO many US cities I want to explore. And Boston is at the very top of my domestic list.

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When I go to Boston (not if...power of positive thinking) I am definitely bringing both my digital camera AND my HTC One X+ which takes fabulous pictures. Let's be real I'm going to take a million pictures. I'll also bring my iPad mini so I have stuff to do on the plane....and quite possibly steal my boyfriend's fancy headphones for the plane ride. ;) I'm also going to try to bring ONE suitcase and NOT overpack. I always end up bringing clothes I don't wear when I go on vacation.
What's at the top of your vacation to-do list?
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  1. I am going to Boston in March to visit my sister and friends over Spring Break! I'm so excited; I've never been in that part of the country.

  2. Ha, I posted about the travel bug today too. I guess it's going around. ;)


  3. Boston will love you! I am from there (and moving back)! It's such a great city!

  4. Boston is AHHHMMMAAAZZZZINNNG!!! I visited in December of '09 and had a blast! And I got to see snow fall for the first time ever!!!! Be sure to visit Fenway and have a drink at the Bleacher Bar, visit Faneuil Hall, and have dinner at Ristorante Saraceno. :)
    I'm sure you'll love it there!

    I've added the link to my travels, so you can take a sneak peek.


  5. YES COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you will looooooooveeeee it!!!

    and im here, so like, ya know :-)


  6. You should get a layover in OKC for a few days and hang out here before and after Boston. Maybe I'll invite myself along, so you'd be picking me up basically.

    You can never have too many photo-taking devices!

  7. Boston is at the top of my US cities list! Seriously, I'm dying to go there. So much to do and so much rich history. I might hate you if you get to go. ;)


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