Weekend Wino

Happy Friday! I'm hoping I run into RP this weekend since he's in town for Comic Con. If you can figure out who RP is...we're best friends.

So I may or may not be turning into a weekend wino. If you haven't ready my post on cheap wines read it here! I would have NEVER thought to go to a wine bar for breakfast/brunch. I'm the kinda girl that can't drink ALL day and ALL night. If I do anyways, I'll end up at the toilet late night and the majority of the next morning too! So a Bloody Mary the next morning may work for some but to me it sounds like pure vomit to me. (How vomit is 'pure' I don't know?? I think I meant pure as in solely) However, two weekends ago I went to Mosaic Wine Bar in San Diego on a Sunday after a night of drinking for a delicious meal and a glass of sangria. (See my Sangria post here!) I was in breakfast heaven!

This is what I got. I ate the whole thing don't worry! Garlic & parsley potatoes, toast, bacon, and a frittata!

But I kind of wished I got this! I couldn't find it on the online menu but it was some sort of waffle/strawberry/powdered sugar/whipped cream debauchery.

I think I'm a pretty good cook. Okay, okay I'm slowly learning ;) I've yet to make something horrible so that's good. I haven't mastered any breakfast meals though! Does anyone have any easy recipes they'd like to share?? If you've already posted one feel free to post the link via link up below. No need to do anything else! I just need ideas!


  1. My Mom thinks I'm an alcoholic and I love RP too ;) I'll be so jealous if you get to hang out! I linked up. Now I'm hungry.

  2. Guh...I {heart} RP...if you see him, you had better get pictures!!! (c: And this all looks amazing...breakfast is always my favorite! One of my favorite recipes is oatmeal pancakes with homemade coconut syrup, and yes, it's as sugary and *wonderful* as it sounds!

    P.S. Your comment totally made my day...it came right after my 4 year-old son told me "You are ruining the heart of my whole life!!!"...I really have no idea what that meant, but it sounded serious (c:

  3. im gonna guess Robert Pattinson!

    dying over your pure vomit argument haha i love it

    i absolutely LOVE wine!! especiallly barefoot!!

    hope you have a fab weekend!

  4. Kidnap RP if you see him!!! But seriously, that new hair is breaking my heart.

  5. That breakfast looks delicious. You are making me hungry now! :)


  6. If you met RPM I'd die. We'd have to be best friends because I'd want to know every last detail about the encounter. I hope you meet him!

  7. Ooooh I'd never thought of breakfast at a wine bar either! Sounds great!


  8. Oh my gosh that strawberry concoction looks SO delicious! There's no recipe, but Serendipity NYC has a super delicious french toast with a really funny name. Maybe google search it and try to recreate it!

    Hope you're having a great weekend! :)
    sorelle in style

  9. My favorite is hashbrown casserole - so easy and so delicious! I'll try to post the recipe soon.



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