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Hi I'm Jenna from a la mode! I want to talk about the dreaded First Date!

Its scary, exciting, terrifying, nerve wrenching and fun! (What a combo I know...but it's true)

Before my first date with Frank (the current boyfriend)

I went through about 10 outfits, 

a glass of champagne, (maybe a xanex) 

and the help from my friends Tom and Aimee.

Here's how I break it down:


Know where you are going! Don't get too Dressed UP...Don't wear a clubbing dress to a pub... FAIL!

If you know his height plan your shoes accordingly. I dont like to tower over my man...especially if I plan on kissing them. 

(I DO not kiss on the first date but those of you who are brave enough to... plan ahead... & NO garlic)

Don't UNDER-dress either. If hes taking you to a 5 star restaurant you better look like a 5 star date and not one you can order from Craigslist! Or a Granny for that matter! Show a little SKIN! But not too much!

Be yourself in every way:

I tend to wear a lot of make-up when I'm nervous. Relax and try to just be naturally beautiful. I would recommend highlighting your greatest facial feature but dont overwhelm! 

DON'T Get Blitzed! Whatever you do... a buzz is more than enough! Drunk on the first date is a red flag! 

Finally: Here are my picks for the perfect first date outfits for a casual lunch or dinner:

A Fancier Option:

Best of Luck Ladies! Go GET UM!

Thank you Hollie for letting me borrow your blog:
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  1. Hahhaha I love her advice. Very true though. The worst thing you can do is to get drunk on a first date! :0 <-- the horror!
    I really like the outfit choices too. I think I might go with a dress, though, just because jeans seem a little too casual for a fancy restaurant, but that's just me! :)

    <3 Belly B

  2. love the advice! first dates are strange! i just jumped into the dating scene and it is soooo awkward. check my blog to read all about it. went on one last night.

  3. Adore the second last outfit! I can see myself wearing that and look stylish! Love all your tips, by the way!


  4. The pictures go so well with the tips! haha


  5. The photos are hysterical! I heart Jenna!!

    Please visit my blog @

    Thanks for subscribing!

  6. I'll never have another first date again...*whhhhhaaaaa* Cute outfits though, Husband would appreciate.

  7. this is great!
    first days can be super awkward.
    nick and my first date was rather interesting.
    ill just you with: he had known me as having blonde hair, i showed up with black hair! haha

  8. This was hilarious! I actually didn't know my 1st date was a "1st date," so I didn't get to experience the outfit anxiety! Love these photos though - they definitely made me laugh!

    sorelle in style

  9. This is some really great advice!! It's always important to remember to be yourself..the BEST of yourself of course! I tend to get pretty nervous on first dates but if the guy makes me feel comfortable then I know there's potential for another date. Emily and LC style the first date the BEST!! ;)

  10. I'm dying over the heels comment! Especially paired with the pic of Tom and Katie, it's just too easy! (c: The pictures just really make this advice so classic...


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