One Shirt: Five Ways

Happy Monday! Today is my very first link up post :)

I'm always getting that feeling that I have "nothing to wear." Well, I do. I have plenty of things to wear. I just don't have something brand new. I've realized that I can recreate that feeling of wearing something special by a little creativity in my own closet. What I've done is take one shirt that I like but I feel like is kind of "old" and find five outfits that make it feel new.

The Shirt:

The Outfits:

Cropped grey jackets with silver buttons and black jeggings

Grey blazer and white skinny jeans

White sleeveless blazer and 70's j brand bell bottoms

Tan blazer and ripped skinny jeans

Black mini bandeau skirt

(By the way someday my iPhone photography skills will improve)

To link up you must:
1. Take a picture of the shirt you chose
2. Take five separate pictures of the outfits you came up with (you must use items already in your closet)
3. Post a link back to this post
4. Post your link on the link up below.
5. Have fun!


  1. Loving the first outfit best! Great choices on all!

  2. This is great because I never know how to style longer shirts..and they just sit in my closet taking up space and never getting worn...great suggestions!

  3. Very cute! I am so bad at putting outfits together.

  4. That's so smart! I love discovering new mix-and-match opportunities within my own closet :) You are an expert at it though, because these looks are adorable!

    P.S. I haven't forgotten about your blog design project, I'm just super slow! I will send you some ideas this week!

  5. Hollie, please come over and link up all my clothes!!! I feel like I have nothing!

  6. I absolutely love this concept...and I *really* need to do it because I'm feeling kinda luke warm about my closet right now, too! )c:

  7. i love me some j brands!
    great job at making so many cute outfits out of that top!
    xo dana

  8. Great idea! I get the "nothing to wear" feeling a lot too. Thanks for following my blog :)


  9. Hi Hollie, new (blog) follower, here! :) We are actually following one another over on Twitter, but I wanted to pop in over here to read more about you!

    Love the outfits you were able to create centering around just one "focus" piece. Now we just need to see pictures of you actually IN these outfits! I love seeing outfit/what I wore posts that everyone seems to be doing these days, I just wish I had the courage to link up and play along (my fashion sense is really lacking)!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know I am reading along! Hope you're having a great week!

  10. I honestly do have very few clothes and nothing to wear so I shan't be linking up but I love the idea!

    My fave was the shirt with the sleevless white blazer and bell bottoms. I would never think of putting that combination together but it looks so, so good!!

  11. What a great idea! I need to go through my closet and do this with a lot of my pieces! It's crazy how many combination of outfits we secretly have hidden in our very own closets! Loving the shirt with the white skinnies and grey blazer!

  12. Great idea! I may try to link up later today. I love getting creative with the stuff that's already in my closet and maximizing my options!


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