Video Log Killed the Radio Star

Here it is! My first VLOG! Honestly, doing a vlog really never occurred to me BUT I am participating in Courtney at Dear Darling 's Vlogging Challenge. Maybe not a challenge? But a challenge for me! Anyways she's so sweet, how could I NOT support?

I apologize in advance for:
*Any awkward faces I may be making
*The excessive use of "UM"s. I did this on the fly yo!
*Playing with my hair. I'm not dumb, but my hair is looking good today and is oh so soft ;)
*Twitching, fumbling around. I was a little nervous and like I tell you in the video I'm a writer not a performer :)

Try it. It was fun.

It's a vlogging revolution!


  1. Love this!! You are too cute! And I'm totally jealous that you live in San Diego. It's seriously my favorite place ever! This is a great link-up and I think I might just start taking part in it too! :)

  2. This uploaded weird? Have fun matching my words to my face people! Such a fun game :)

  3. Ahhhh umm can we be best friends now!? K. Thanks:) You are absolutely adorable and this video was PERFECT! I'll be out in Cali the last week of July!! We should try an set a *date* up!!!! xoxo

  4. Loooove this!! It's so much better to see people on video and see their personality shine through!! Looks like we have a lot of similarities in the design spectrum!! ;)

  5. Haha love this. I just found your blog though this linking up! I had to follow because I am loving your blog. Keep the videos coming!!


  6. Love it! You didn't make awkward faces... don't worry. :) You are SO cute, too, I must say.


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