Best + Worst: Met Gala

There's something really enchanting about the Met. When I visited two years ago, I was astonished at the beautiful and extremely thorough exhibits. I've been to many museums but none quite like the Met. The Met Gala is one of my favorites to follow because the fashion is the absolute best of the season. This year there were SO many great styles.....and also SO many bad ones. Here's my recap of my personal choices and the ones I was left confused.


 photo 163_3016_350_zpsbda3bb94.jpg  photo 163_3057_350_zps58822f3c.jpg  photo 163_3025_350_zps17b2770a.jpg   photo 163_3045_350_zpsb369a080.jpg


 photo 163_3035_350_zps5871ca0e.jpg  photo 163_2983_350_zps6b6b589a.jpg  photo 163_3033_350_zps126b149d.jpg  photo 163_3040_350_zps92570401.jpg
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Giselle looked glamorous as usual. Emma Stone has a casual elegance I just loved. She looked true to herself too which I loved. Chanel Inman was absolutely stunning. I think she may have been my absolute favorite of the night. Kate Bosworth let the accessories talk in her simple nude blush dress. I adore the Olsens but I'm speechless. What was the whole family thinking? Kristen Stewart's dress would be totally different it was full length. I don't like the bottom half of her look at all. Shailene Woodley is in the wrong decade.

Who was your favorite and least favorite last night?

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