Dear Self, Stop "Looking".

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It is possibly I've visited the Nordstrom website every day since the first day of the Anniversary Sale! I won't confirm nor deny it. Luckily, my birthday was a few days before it started so I didn't spend much other than what I was gifted. I did get a gorgeous new bag, leggings, and a cowl neck sweater. Even though I'm "done" shopping, I've been eyeing all of the gorgeous jackets on sale and a few funky dresses.

Did you buy anything at the sale?

*all items from Nordstrom*


  1. i got the kate spade plates. :) and then have avoided the website because i need other things more right now.

  2. Oh girl, we all deserve to spend our birthday money on Nordstrom goodies! I didn't buy anything this time, but I have a really good friend who works there and he is always wearing something incredible that he got an awesome deal on!


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