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The new IKEA 2014 catalog came out and I could not have had more butterflies in my stomach when it landed on my doorstep. Isn't that dresser amazing!? Can I just say that I don't get IKEA snobs? Sure, they're a pain to build. But if you build them correctly and tightly they're perfectly fine furniture! And most of us aren't going to hold onto the same dresser for ten years so why not spend less and get new stuff in two or three years? Makes sense to me! I'm a HUGE IKEA fan and really have not had any issues with it. Those nesting tables are so cute and that mirror needs to find its way into my house.

Do you like IKEA?


  1. i like ikea. i did a happy dance when the new catalog showed up. i want to get those nesting tables and paint them gold. i really need my own apartment so i can have room for furniture!

  2. I'm a hardcore IKEA fan. When I can get a ton of furniture for under a grand, I'm a happy girl!!

  3. We just bought a bookshelf from IKEA and we love it! I heard bad things about them, but we figured if we never tried, we'd never know. We are totally pleased!

  4. I think that dresser would drive me nuts BUT I do like Ikea.

    Also, I read a blog post. And it was yours. You have, in a way, won an award. :X Thank God I still text right?!

    I wish we could go to Ikea together. We would probably have less money than we do now though because it wouldn't be able to stay in our pockets.


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