(Totally caught in an extremely serious IG sesh. I mean my face is inches away from my iPhone screen....Whoops!)
(Such a hunk!)
(Oh heyyyyy, I'm awkward. And pasty, I swear I live in Southern California.)
This weekend we spent the day walking around Coronado, which is one of my most favorite places in San Diego. Not only is it picturesque but Jeff took me ice skating at the famous Hotel Del on our third date. I even saved the wrist band! Cheesy, much? I love how small and intimate the island of Coronado is, you can bike to one side or the other in probably ten minutes. The view of the bay, downtown, and the Pacific Ocean is breathtaking. It's magical. Also, the Mexican food at Miguel's Cocina does not disappoint. Go there if you're in the hood'!



  1. LOVE Coronado!!! I've only visited California a handful of times but Coronado has always stood out to me. Such a gorgeous place!

  2. you are tanner than i am!! and i really want to go ice skating down there this winter. i have never done it!

    ps you go to italy soon!!!!!!!! (happy dance time!)

  3. I was just there yesterday with my girls, played hookey and my white pasty self is now red! Agree with you, it is my favorite place.

  4. I seriously need to go to this beach. I haven't been any further down than LA!

  5. great photos! this looks like such a lovely place!


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